Dreaming about winter meets spring

Wonderful times when winter meets spring

I love when winter meets spring, don’t you do that to? We haven’t had much winter lately, not for several years. 5-6 years ago we had some fantastic winters in opposite to the latest years. We had lots of snow and then spring arrived. As a result the snow was slowly melting in the warm sun, much as it “should be”, according to me.

While I have been looking in my photo archives I have found some amazing winter photos. It seems like we have had days that are cold and crispy, while the sun light makes the whole world several shades lighter.

I also found wonderful, sunny spring day with melting ice. Finally the sea is slowly winning the fight against the compact ice and it breaks apart.

It’s lovely to see how finally the spring wins the fight and the water gets it’s freedom. It’s much the opposite to last year when we did not even notice that winter turned into spring. The last photos in this post is taken in springtime and summer. Both with wonderful evening light and stunning reflection. I hope you will enjoy and leave your opinion below about winter meets spring! What do you think about when you see this photos?

Evening in springtime
Summer evening

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6 thoughts on “Dreaming about winter meets spring”

  1. Beautiful. Spring is just around the corner. Though in U.K. today we’re taking a battering from Storm Doris! ?

    1. Kerlund74

      Yes wonderful spring is just around the corner, even here in Sweden. Our spring begins a bit later than in UK but it will soon be here:-) My sister lives outside London, visited her a few weeks ago and those days spring was in the air!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you very much!

  2. Such beautiful photos showing the melting snow.. I can not imagine the ocean freezing. And have only been where it is that cold in Canada to freeze the great lakes..
    It is something that I will always remember.. I love the Sunny Days and the Sunny Evenings photo Kerlund with the reflection of the Sun in the water on both..
    Very tranquil..
    Wishing you warmer days to come as Spring continues to warm up.
    Love and Hugs my friend
    Sue <3 xx

    1. Kerlund74

      Winter is beautiful and a nice time of the year! But I love springtime and summer! It’s filled with light and hope. Winter can be long, dull and gray. Winter days with snow and sun though is just wonderful to experience! I wish you all the best and wonderful weekend, hugs and love <3

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