Weekly posts

For the next weeks (during summer 2014), I will not publish all scheduled weekly posts. There will be some posts every week, from special occasions and trips I’m making. I will go back to my schedule in August.

I wish for all of you a great summer!

Below you can read my schedule for weekly posts here on Kerlundphoto.

Tuesday: Weekly photo challenge (by WordPress Dailypost)

Thursday: Nature photo

Saturday: Sea view

I hope you will enjoy some of my weekly themes.  And I will try to give it as much variation as possible. Welcome to visit my posts and feel free to leave your input or to “reflect on” the content you see!

weekly posts

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  1. Hello Kerlund, Your photos are very beautiful and your blog is beautiful and very nicely organized. kI was glad to meet you in Blogging 101 and I wish you well on everything you do.

    1. Tank you as well:) I t have been a great month! I really like your way to combine text/poems and photography I will follow you to see some more in the future!

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