Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

Interesting discoveries on the road taken

As a person who loves to hike, I have walked many roads:) I walk in the forest, by the sea in the archipelago. I walk in mountains and in cities and it’s always exciting to find out what’s around the corner.

Cities are fascinating. There is always some kind of surprises and they hold a lot of different environments: houses, parks, shops, streets, water and so on. My interpretation of this weeks WordPress Photo Challenge brings me back to Stockholm and a trip to the south part of the city. On this walk I found small gardens with sunflowers:

road taken

Suddenly when I looked up, I saw a clear blue sky and some wonderful old houses, reaching for the sky.

I continued my walk on a narrow path and came back to city streets, and the view was amazing. I strolled down the street and continued my walk down the road taken.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken”

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  2. Lovely to see Stockholm. I am an avid reader of Scandinavian crime fiction! Have a good weekend. ? ??

    1. Kerlund74

      Ha, ha, guess Stockholm sounds like a scary place in these stories… Have a great weekend! ?

  3. Beautiful pictures of Stockholm, and Sunflowers never fail to light up my day.. Wishing you a delightful March my friend.. Have a wonderful weekend..
    Love Sue xx

    1. Kerlund74

      Sunflowers indeed is powerful and beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend. And keep smiling<3

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