Weekly photo challenge; on the move

On the move

-Weekly photo challenge-

This post is an entry in the Weekly photo challenge. To read more about this challenge, or participate, please click the link above.

I have chosen a few different ways to be on the move, on land and at sea. Both photos of boats at sea are taken outside Venice, from the island Lido. The first photo shows some speed boats racing just outside the harbor. The second sea photo shows a water bus or Vaporetto, the way to transport people in and outside Venice.

The other two photos are taken in London, one at a market where some person are just rushing by and the other photo shows one of the “new” buses in London. OT but I think that design is rather cool:)

My photos are organized in a slide show. The photos change automatically or just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. If you click below the slide on “FS” you get the slide in full screen, which offers you a greater photo experience!

[flagallery gid=1]

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4 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge; on the move”

  1. Meg

    Love the market photo! Just wanted to share a congrats and thank you to you: https://magoo45.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/woo-hoo-congratulations-bravo-bloggy-friends/

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you so much:) It have been a really great time, and I will keep on visiting you!

  2. Amy

    Do you want to check to see your gravatar is linked to this site?

    1. Kerlund74

      How do you meen?

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