Weekly photo challenge; in the middle of springtime

Weekly photo challenge; springtime

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We have now entered May and we are in the middle of springtime, if you ask me this is the best time of the year. May and June are such beautiful months with all blossoms and all light green in different shades.

One thing that really means that spring is here is soap bubbles. My children loves them and so do I;)

This season also gives us who loves gardening a lot of enjoyable things. Buds that are going to burst out in wonderful blossom. Every tree has its own green color. The next four photos shows 2 wonderful buds and some of all the wonderful green in nature right now. And finally; the flower of flowers, the one that last only for a few days but bear such beauty.

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    1. Thank you so much for the nomination, I appreciate that a lot:) Unfortunately I think that I have to many followers already to qualify, but I really am glad to be nominated! Thank’s again:-)

  1. these are beautiful photos, Linda 🙂 btw, I also had the idea to take a shot of bubbles for the spring challenge, my kids love them and bubbles really mean spring for us because that’s why we start making them in the park 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes I love those bubbles:) This time I hade to both blow and take photos so the result was not exactly what I wanted…

    1. Tack:) Ja det har jag men det är en väldigt liten tomt, endel är skog som ligger ovanför. Lite ombonat:)

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