Weekly photo challenge: between


I have been through my archives this time and I found some photos that are “between”, literally. I wished to find something more sophisticated, but these will do… The photos are taken in London and Paris and shows only some objects to illustrate the theme of this week. Please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comment field below.

There are a lot of other wonderful entries in this weeks challenge, you can find them here: Weekly photo challenge: between

The first photo is taken an early morning in January in London. The window opener looked very “Photo kind” and I think it is a great detail. I also love the soft colors and patterns at the window.

Window detail between the blinds

Looking out through the window there was some wonderful small gardens. I love the contrast between the plants and the rough tiles on the walls. Makes interesting photos.

Small garden
Small garden in a backyard, London

In larger cities the spaces to park is rather small… I always wonder how they manage to get out of there. n the other hand the cars in cities have some bumps and scratches;) I guess it is not easy to drive here.

Narrow street
Narrow street in Paris

12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: between

  1. Hi Linda, I love the pictures, especially the first one. Can you remember where in London the one of the small gardens was taken? I only ask as it’s given me some inspiration for a short story.

  2. Linda, I think these are all wonderful shots for the challenge! As for the small streets in Paris, I remember seeing a Smart car for the first time there, parked just as in your photo. Couldn’t figure out how the driver got it into the spot (perhaps he was there first) or, in any event, how he was going to get it out! 🙂

  3. love the variety in the three shots. The clarity and abstract feel for he first is so nice – the garden shot down view is fantastic – and the Paris street was a vie wot Paris we do not always get to see. But the texture of the street and the clothes hanging and other little details were great to soak up – nice take on the challenge. 🙂 ~y.

    1. Thank you for you input, appreciated as always:) I acctually like the first one too, I like a bit abstract photos sometimes.

  4. It would be interesting to see them drive away sometime;) thenk you for your comment, glad you like the post!

  5. You’re right. I wouldn’t have noticed what makes that London garden pic so striking if you hadn’t pointed it out. The contrast between natures chaotic angles and the manmade straight lines is featured very well in that photo.

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