Weekly Photo Challenge: beginning

This morning I went out for a walk and this I think is a beautiful beginning of a new day. Fresch air, wonderful skies and just pure nature. My favorite beginning:) It was a cloudy morning but I managed to get a photo where the sun shine through a bit. This is my first post in “weekly photo challenge”, but it sounds like a great idea and I will try to follow this and participate as often as possible.


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12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: beginning”

  1. Lovely capture! This is a beautiful way to start the day and you’ve captured it nicely. 😀

    1. Linda

      Yes, thank you, it was a really great morning:)

  2. I like the sun in the clouds, very nice, Annie

    1. Linda

      Thank you! I am glad you like it:-)

  3. I’ve included your post as a related article on my first-ever weekly photo challenge post, since that’s something we have in common. 🙂

    1. Linda

      How nice, thank you:) I been visiting and your blog seems really nice!

  4. This is beautiful! A walk in this natural setting is so fine!

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) Yes it is one of my favorite things to do!

    2. Linda

      I tried to comment on your blog, but it disapeared… Maybe it is there now… Anyway; I love your photos of the trees making contrast to the sky!

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