A week in Greece, spent on Crete

Beautiful Crete

Last week I went to Crete, to a small town named Kolymbari. We stayed for a week and the weather was warm and sunny. My favorite kind of weather:)

During the week we did a lot of swimming, walking and just enjoying the beauty of the small town.


Nice view from the beach. The beach itself is not the strength of Kolymbari, its filled with stones and its a bit tricky to get into the water. But the views are amazing and we swim a lot in out pool:)


Could the sea be more blue? View from a restaurant by the Mediterranean sea.

cars on the beach

A barren place, where to cars where watching the sea:)


The sun is about to set behind the mountains, wonderful evenings here.


I can’t help myself from wondering about the guests… The parking sign seems to be a bit newer than the house.

A trip to Elafonisi

We heard about the beach Elafonisi and decided to go there for a day. It was supposed to be something extra, like Cretes “Thailand”. It was really nice, soft sand but it was a bit windy. Still we enjoyed our day, a lot. The trip there was not so pleasant, going by bus on small roads in the mountains… We passed a tunnel through a ravine and the tunnel was hardly larger than the bus…


Clear water:)


The beach was surrounded by mountains, which was rather cool.


On the way back, we stopped by the Topolia Gorge. Nice to see but not so nice tor travel the small roads…

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8 thoughts on “A week in Greece, spent on Crete”

  1. Wonderful pictures and place!

    1. Kerlund74

      Thanks a lot:)

  2. Oh wow.. Your Holiday destination looked to have been perfect.. Love the clear ocean and all of those views. Smiled at that building with the Parking sign 🙂
    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Week Kerlund xxx
    Love Sue

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you, I loved it:) I’m a person who is always cold (almost), the warm weather in Greece suits me fine:) Loved every minute of it! Hugs

  3. Those narrow roads are a real adventure to travel on!

    1. Kerlund74

      Yes, I was a bit scary, travelling in a bus… But it all went just fine:)

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