Water with a “metallic” surface

Sometimes in some conditions the water gets a very special look. It gets a metallic look. The surface seems smooth and like it is almost still. I am noot sure that you know what I mean, I took some photos and I hope you can see it:-) Anyway it was a really nice view when I was out waking this saturday.

image image

And finally in the end of my walk I saw this “burning sky” reflecting in the water, a stunning view. This time a year the sun is never really getting up properly so this is about 14.30 in the day.


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9 thoughts on “Water with a “metallic” surface”

  1. Your photos are so beautiful, Annie

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much, so kindly if you:-)

    1. Linda

      Tack:) Jag älskar vattnet när det ser ut sådär, riktigt läckert.

      1. Vatten kan ha många färger , så läckert …

    1. Linda

      Thank you again! This kind of water is so beautiful and it is really best in the real world, hard to get in photos:)

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