Walking around Lido

During the week in Italy we lived in Lido de Venezia, a small island just across the water from Venice. It was a nice experience, not so many tourists and some great thing to see. Even here there was some smaller channels, like this one:


I just love the great colors at the boats and the water, this one has some really great contrasts:


During the walk we passed through some lovely details like this tap:



I sort of love this kind of deserted industries. Something sad over it but still some great structures and character. And with all that green it gets a good photo:)


Finally I always shoot photos of houses… And rooftops:) This is the view from our hotel, a lovely view if you ask me! I can hardly believe, now in the winter that the sky can actually be like this…


In my next post there will be some photos from the Vaporetto boat on our way back home, photos taken in Venice.

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10 thoughts on “Walking around Lido”

  1. You’re the first I’ve heard of who found a lovely place to stay NOT in Venice – good for you! Wish we’d done the same.

    1. Linda

      Yes it was great, just 20-30 minutes from Venice. We travelled with kids so staying in Venice in july did not seem like a good idea. This was much better and much better prices on food, restaurants and so on.

  2. Wonderful images! You’ve made me long to go back to Italy again. 🙂

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) It is a fantastic country to spend holidays in:)

  3. Härliga foton , och härliga färger

    1. Linda

      Tack! Det är alltid kul med lite miljöombyte:)

      1. Skönt det låter , får om det blir nån resa till sommaren nånstans för och en kompis 🙂

      2. Alltid kul med miljöombyte , får se om det blir nån resa i sommar

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