Travel theme: weather

There is no such thing as bad weather:)

This summer we spent a week by the Como Lake in Italy. It offered different kinds of weather for us. Most of the days where sunny and hot, but one night we had a horrible thunderstorm including hard wind, rain and thunder… When we waked up the next morning the lake and mountains was all covered in moisture, it was really amazing to watch. We witnessed a scenery with clouds and haze in a wonderful mix.

I can see all weathers as beautiful in there own way, they are creations of natures great art:)

The view in the photo is from our apartment, situated above the lake.


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3 thoughts on “Travel theme: weather”

  1. I totally agree with you even when sometimes nature shows her fierce face.

  2. I love the way weather can change in a matter of minutes Kerlund.. Only this evening we went from Sunny skies to stormy clouds..
    Loved your view looking over the lake.. Lake Coma is a beautiful place..
    My thoughts are with Italy right now too..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx

    1. Kerlund74

      Thank you, its a lovely place?

      it’s so sad when things like that happens in such a beautiful country ?.


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