Travel theme; glow from nature

Travel theme; glow

This week I have chosen to keep it simple and pick photos from my travel with natural glow. The sun for example is an excellent source… To read more about the travel theme, please click the link above!

The first three photos are taken in Alghero, Sardinia.  The caves are a great place to visit, click the link for more info (Neptune’s Grotto). At some places in the cave it looks like the walls glow. The sunrise is a view from the city out over the Mediterranean sea. The photo with the sun shining like a lamp is taken from our hotel.

The “ice picture” is taken in the winter on a trip in my own country, Sweden:)

The “glowing clouds” are a shot I took through a window on a ferry to Finland, the clouds was amazing. Maybe it is not the highest quality shot but I think that it works.



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