Travel theme: Gardens

-Gardens, this weeks travel theme-

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My entry this week in Travel theme: Gardens comes from a travel to Frejus in France. Click here to see Frejus on a map. The garden is actually a park called “Villa Aurelienne”. The garden is mostly overgrown but in my eyes there is a lot of beauty. The house in the park is built 1880.

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9 thoughts on “Travel theme: Gardens”

  1. I adore overgrown gardens. That staircase looks very inviting.

    1. Linda

      I agree with you:) It is fantastic! Thank you for taking time to comment.

  2. Thanks for becoming a subscriber. Now I’ll take a stroll through your site.

  3. Wonderful photos! Greetings from Egypt!

    1. Linda

      How nice:) Thank you so much!

  4. Underbara bilder! 🙂

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