The snow keeps falling

For the third day this week the snow keeps falling on us… There also is a strong wind so we have a lot of snow in some spots, and less in others. Outside my door there have been a lot. The photos in this post is taken on lunch time this Tuesday, and well we have got some more since that. I will try to capture the result in the weekend when, I hope, the snowing has stopped.


I went for my lunch walk and wonder who made these traces?image

Still I do believe that it is very beautiful outside right now, the sun really are welcome even if it is just for a short moment.image

As you can see on this small path there is some wind outside these days…image


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4 thoughts on “The snow keeps falling”

  1. Beautiful pics….we had about 6 inches here last night

    1. Linda

      Thx:) yes winter is here… The snow is still falling outside.

    1. Linda

      Yes it truly is:)

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