Take photos of people -a challenge

I think there have to be “no posing” and just natural pictures, that is why I often shoos to shoot from behind or the side.

image image

Or maybe in “action”:



Eyes are fascinating as well, here is two pictures with them in focus:

image image

I often take my photos of nature and flowers and things like that. People are for me a “new area”, but it sure is fun. The most important is that the people are OK with being in my photos:)

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6 thoughts on “Take photos of people -a challenge”

  1. Elena Caravela


  2. Yes, the eye is most fascinating in a photo, it’s like portraying the soul!

    1. Linda

      They tell a lot about people…

  3. These are great shot! especially the eyes. . . the coffee cup cracked me up. I always do that. LOL!

    1. Linda

      Thx:) And yes, it is a bit humor in that cup:-D

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