Saturday Seascape

Seascape in November sun

Earth is such a beautiful place. Every time I’m outdoors, near the sea or in the forest I feel calm and I feel trust in something bigger than us. Nature is calming and healing, as always. I have spent far to much time inside lately, busy studying. I learn a lot but I never calm down enough:D Its no big effort to go outdoors for a few hours, its so worth it and I’m aware of that. Still i don’t prioritise it a lot. But today it happened, I went outdoors all day in the warming november sun. Now I’m fileld with a lot of new energy and can go on studying for hours:) Have a wonderful weekend<3

seascape stones woods-in-the-water

By the water -a morning in calmness

Water lillies
Water lillies

As you might already know: I love early mornings by the sea. The calmness is overwhelming and the light is wonderful. A moment of silence before the rest of the world wakes up.

Autumn is comming
Autumn is coming

Saturday sea view in May

Saturday Sea view this May

This weeks Saturday sea view consists of photos taken in the early morning and also photos taken in early evening. In both cases the light are supposed to be great. The morning photos have some morning haze in them which give the photos a bit of a mystic atmosphere.

The morning was during this week and I took the photos on my way to work at 6.30. The sun was not really getting through yet but it was a wonderful morning.

Next part of this post contains photos from the same day ut in a different place and from my evening walk. They are taken closer to town and not in the archipelago. First I passed a wonderful tree and a bridge, later on I passed the creek which are a lovely place to rest by or to stroll beside.

A springtime evening by the water

We have had some lovely days lately. 18 °C and sunshine all days long. Not an ordinary temperature for April in Sweden… This has brought us an early feeling of summer. The trees are soon all green and the Magnolia is in blossom. I love the sun and to be outside and just feel the warm and gentle air against my skin. To hear the birds singing and bubble of joy and happiness. To see my cat lie in the grass; there is no other animal that can enjoy life more than a cat!

Springtime evening

All this have given some really warm evenings. The best thing I now is to take a stroll down by the waterfront with a camera in my hand. The late sun gives a soft and warm light. When there is no wind the reflections are just wonderful.

I will post some of the photos from tonight, I hope they show some of the fantastic mood I experienced by the water this springtime evening, almost magic. There was all calm and suddenly a boat came across the water, leaving some small, soft waves. When I returned home the sun had set behind the houses, I captured a Magnolia flower ready to rest for the night.




Steam boats in Stockholm water

This post contains another portion of photographs from Stockholm, this time it is not street life, but Stockholm water.

Steam boats in Stockholm water

There are plenty of old steam boats in Stockholm, some of them is under recovering and others are in traffic. Just a few of them are real steam boats, most of them have a diesel motor instead of the steam generator. Most of the boats today traffic different routes in the archipelago for example to “Fjäderholmarna” or Vaxholm”. Many tourists go with the boats in summertime, so does a lot of natives. There are boats heading to “Djurgården”, on that route there are a lot of people traveling all year.

Here you can see some photos from the dockside and also the Stockholm water front, I have focused on closing up on the boats. I love the old boats and all wonderful details.

I hope you found these boats as wonderful as I do, if you ever visit Stockholm these are definitely worth looking for.

Weekly Photo Challenge: reflections


This is my weeks entry in Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is reflections, click on the link to read more about this challenge. Reflections can be many things, including look at ones lives and give it some thought. It might be to take a look back and see what have happpened or to look in a mirror to see a reflection. For this entry I have chosen some “traditional” reflections, by wich I mean things reflecting in the water. All photos are taken in our wonderful archipelago or by the harbour in town.

The photos are taken on a few different evenings, evening light is wonderful and gives great photos.

Water with a “metallic” surface

Sometimes in some conditions the water gets a very special look. It gets a metallic look. The surface seems smooth and like it is almost still. I am noot sure that you know what I mean, I took some photos and I hope you can see it:-) Anyway it was a really nice view when I was out waking this saturday.

image image

And finally in the end of my walk I saw this “burning sky” reflecting in the water, a stunning view. This time a year the sun is never really getting up properly so this is about 14.30 in the day.


By the waterfront

Another grey day by the waterfront, some more photos with long exposure, small aperture and a tripod… It is rather challenging to shoot this days. It is much easier to get “good” photos in a sunny summer morning… But challenging is fun, I do like it when I manage to get some “good” photos in these conditions to:-) In the first one I like the blue color, it gives a mystic atmosphere.




And finally I found something that lightened up things a bit:-)