By the waterfront

Another grey day by the waterfront, some more photos with long exposure, small aperture and a tripod… It is rather challenging to shoot this days. It is much easier to get “good” photos in a sunny summer morning… But challenging is fun, I do like it when I manage to get some “good” photos in these conditions to:-) In the first one I like the blue color, it gives a mystic atmosphere.




And finally I found something that lightened up things a bit:-)


Part two, sunny day in the archipelago

Yesterday, that I wrote about in the last post, will be a day to live on for some time. Today the rain is falling again and I feel more then satisfied that I took the chance to go out to the sea yesterday. It was a really calm day, the waves where small.



Really a nice day for an escape:-) It was a surprise to me to see all the swans. In summertime here is a lot of people sunbathing and swimming, so of course the swans choose an other location. Bur yesterday it was a lot of them.


In the archipelago, close to the nature, and the sea, I can feel the greatness of nature. It is breathtaking to stand there, watching out over the water. It seams endless…



At last, it is fascinating to look around and find this in the end of December, when it is supposed to be a lot of snow.




December sun in the archipelago

Just before lunchtime me and my children went out to the archipelago. It is nearby, only 15 minutes by car. A lot of rainy days is now followed by some sun. It was not even cold, looks like a day in March, except for the suns position, really low… We enjoyed some hot chocolate and I took some time with my camera. Fantastic day, a lot of new energy:-)


Some silhouettes in the backlight, my children and a lifebuoy situated near, feels safe…


What are they looking at, then? There was a lot of swans in the water.


Here just a few of them in a distans. Fantastic light today!

I captured a small isthmus as well, I do like the almost brown seagrass.


There was a lot of photos today, I will publish some more of them in my next post.


Some more shadows


I love shadows. They tell you some things, others are for you to interpret for yourself. I have mentioned here before that I do like abstract art and photos. I like to have some freedom in my interpretion of e picture. But still I like photos and art whit lots of detail and so on, ofcourse, even that shows in my blog:)

In todays world everyone expose themselves, their loved ones in many ways, all of the time and in a lot of different medias. Photos of people are very common, so I think that shadows is a refined variation on that theme;)

The first photos is taken on a bridge in an early summer morning, second is from last winter.




Photos filled with peace and quietness. Something to look at and just dream away and relax for a while.

First one is from my favoritplace; The Annecy Lake in France:

Lac de Annecy

And well Annecy is called “the french Venice”, this shot is from a small island just across the sea from Venice; Lido:


Aspects of water

Water is fantastic. It can be so calming and give us piece in our minds. It´s a great way to perform meditation, just looking out over the sea. Reflections help us see the object from a bit different perspective. Like in this picture:
Reflections by Mwap38
Water also can be full of action and life, it can be dangerous, here is a waterfall in an area of old factories in Norrköping, Sweden:
Another great place with a lot of water is ofcourse; Venice. I went there this summer:
And so finally a last aspect for this time; a calm day in early spring in the archipelago of Sweden:
Frozen sea

First photo coming up

My first post in this blog. I hope that you will enjoy following my trip through the wonderful world of pictures.

Stenar och is

Last spring I took this picture out in the archipelago of Sweden. I love the contrast between the hard stones and the water. Ice is starting to surrender to the sun, there is a lot of hope in this photo. And I will try to keep on that mood in this blog!