On the surface a morning in August

On the surface

I had the most wonderful walk this morning… The sun warmed me and the water was calm. It have been a while since I took any photos, at all. But this morning I could not resist, the nature was stunning. Moments like this is rare nowadays, moments in perfect harmony and calmness. I was lost in the scene and I had a wonderful time. I like to share some photos with you, nothing special or big, but just the small details. Details on the surface, in the reflections. When everything is calm and relaxing.


Weekly photo challenge: scale

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30 av 365: 2 akter (stern)

30/365, snart 10 %… Akter kan även tolkas “handlingar”. Men eftersom jag älskar havet, har jag valt att tolka temat med en akter på en båt. En båt med underbar färg:)

Theme 30 of 365 in my photo challenge, soon 10 %… In Swedish the word “akter” also means “acts” in English. Though I love everything about the sea, I choose the interpretation “stern”. Amazing color on this boat:)


25 av 365: 268 småbåtshamn (marina)

25/365, småbåtshamn. Hit leder mina spår mig, till nästa stopp på promenaden. Under vintern är här  en lite sorglig stämning men också rofylld. Alla båtar är borta och småbåtshamnen vilar i sitt ide till sommaren återkommer med massor av människor som är fyllda av glädje över att vara på semester. Det är vackert på vintern men jag längtar allt lite till sommaren…

Theme 25 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for a “marina”, next stop on the walk, this is where my tracks “took me”.  In winter it’s filled with an almost sad atmosphere but also peaceful. All boats are gone and the marina is resting in hibernate until summer is back with a lot of people filled with joy and happiness, celebrating their vacations. It is beautiful during winter, but I long for summer…


23 av 365: 170 ljussken (light)

Tema 23/365 i fotoutmaningen. Dagens tema är ljussken. Ljussken kan komma från många olika källor men solen är väl den mest kraftfulla av dem alla, så vitt vi vet… Och den vackraste, åtminstone när den reflekteras i vattnet.

Theme 23 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for a “light”. Light might come from a lot of sources but the sun, I guess the most powerful of them, as we know… At least it is the most beautiful one, at least when the light reflects in water.


Finding serenity in nature


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I find peace by the sea. There is nothing more calming than watching the water, the sky and just feel the nature surrounding. That is serenity for me.

I have lived near the archipelago all my life and I often go there, its beautiful all seasons, and it always offers peace to my mind.

The photos for this weeks challenge is taken in a place I used to pass every day to work. The mornings where stunning. A new day begins and that is a beautiful thing. Watching it by the sea is almost overwhelming, for me:)

Photos can hardly give justice to the real views but I hope these will show some of its greatness.

The new day begins and offers new opportunities. Every new day is a great gift. We should feel gratitude and salute every new day.


10 av 365: 140 islossning (ice is melting)

Dag 10 av mina 365 i utmaningen. Temat jag valt är islossning. Lite tidigt på året men denna vinter har hittills varit ovanligt varm… Jag hoppas verkligen att vi får lite mer snö och is innan vintern är över.

Day 10 of the 365 photo challenge. Todays theme is “the ice is melting“. It’s a bit early in the season but this winter has brought mostly warm weather… I hope we will get some more snow and ice before the winter ends.

ice is melting

An autumn walk by the seaside

Seaside walk

I love to walk by the seaside, all seasons, but especially autumn is a great time for long walks, recreation and to recover. Dark evenings and mornings make us go inside and have a peace and calming life while slowing down. It is highly needed and also enjoyable. If you ask me… Nature goes in to the same mood as I do and I love to walk outside and just enjoy the autumn sights.

The photos in this post is taken a few weeks a go when I was walking for a couple of hours. We have had a warm autumn this year and it has been very nice weather this far. But now I must say I beginning to long for some cold and snowy weather, it is about time:)

Click on any photo to see them all in original size, one by one.

By the water -a morning in calmness

Water lillies
Water lillies

As you might already know: I love early mornings by the sea. The calmness is overwhelming and the light is wonderful. A moment of silence before the rest of the world wakes up.

Autumn is comming
Autumn is coming

Sörmlandsleden; hiking trail with a view

Time for another stage on the hiking trail Sörmlandsleden

This time we chose a hiking trail close to the Baltic sea. We started walking close by the water from the small village “Nävekvarn”.

hiking trail
Waiting to go out to the sea
A small shore beside the hiking trail

Then we came to some smaller climbs which we had to climb to be able to enjoy the amazing views from above.

View over the Baltic sea
View over the Baltic sea

The hiking trail are prepared with some fire places, seats and also some windshields. We did not need any windshield this day, but it was nice to take a break by the sea and have some food and to dive into the water:)

Dive in to the water feels nice
Wild flowers by the sea
Wild flowers by the sea
Time for dinner?

Our walk continued into the forest… I must say the first half, by the sea was the nicest stage of this hiking trail. But I think the forest are a calming and nice place to be so it was absolutely OK to go that way. There are always the possibility to turn back and walk the same way, but I am glad we did not. This way we where offered a great variation in views and experiences through our day.

For more i formation about “Sörmlandsleden“, please click on the link.

After rain -magic evening light

After rain, there is sunshine

after rain
Cloud reflections beside the bridge

Swedish people is always concerned about the weather. We talk about it almost everyday and everywhere. That means in the pub, in the office, in schools… I think it might have something to do with the fact that we can almost never trust the weather. There is just a few weeks of really great summer weather if we are lucky:)

And now for a few weeks we have had some shaky days with rain, sun, thunder, hail… Often when evening comes the rain stop and the sun breaks through all the clouds. And for me who loves great scenes and views this is awesome. The light is magic these evenings and the air feels all fresh. Some dramatic dark clouds combined with some sun makes wonderful subjects!

Another evening I visited our archipelago, and spotted some more dramatic skies. The rain stopped just before I arrived, and the sun came through. I enjoyed that visit a lot, below you can see some of the photos: