Travel theme: weather

There is no such thing as bad weather:)

This summer we spent a week by the Como Lake in Italy. It offered different kinds of weather for us. Most of the days where sunny and hot, but one night we had a horrible thunderstorm including hard wind, rain and thunder… When we waked up the next morning the lake and mountains was all covered in moisture, it was really amazing to watch. We witnessed a scenery with clouds and haze in a wonderful mix.

I can see all weathers as beautiful in there own way, they are creations of natures great art:)

The view in the photo is from our apartment, situated above the lake.


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Travel Theme: indoors

A nice cup of coffee -indoors

This year we spent Midsummer att Tullgarn Castle. The weather was warm but cloudy. We went for a walk in the wonderful surroundings and we found a conservatory where we could have some coffee. This was a lovely place to stay indoors when its less nice outdoors… love the windows, the plants and the art on the walls.

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Travel theme: Exits

Where are the exits?

In my interpretation of these theme I use some photos taken in Norrköping, a town in Sweden. Here you can find a lot of interesting views and there is an old textile factory and other things in an area, which today, is a very popular place to stroll. I love the old buildings, the waterfalls and all the feeling of going back in time. Many great things to see and take photos of:)

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Is this the way out of here?



I might go upstairs…




Travel theme; glow from nature

Travel theme; glow

This week I have chosen to keep it simple and pick photos from my travel with natural glow. The sun for example is an excellent source… To read more about the travel theme, please click the link above!

The first three photos are taken in Alghero, Sardinia.  The caves are a great place to visit, click the link for more info (Neptune’s Grotto). At some places in the cave it looks like the walls glow. The sunrise is a view from the city out over the Mediterranean sea. The photo with the sun shining like a lamp is taken from our hotel.

The “ice picture” is taken in the winter on a trip in my own country, Sweden:)

The “glowing clouds” are a shot I took through a window on a ferry to Finland, the clouds was amazing. Maybe it is not the highest quality shot but I think that it works.



Travel theme: Gardens

-Gardens, this weeks travel theme-

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My entry this week in Travel theme: Gardens comes from a travel to Frejus in France. Click here to see Frejus on a map. The garden is actually a park called “Villa Aurelienne”. The garden is mostly overgrown but in my eyes there is a lot of beauty. The house in the park is built 1880.

Travel theme: Romance

I can hardly imagine anything more romantic than Italy. I been there 5 times now and just love it. Last summer we went to Lido, an Island just outside Venice. These photos I took from a Vaporetto boat on our way on the Grand Canal. A fantastic way to see the most of Venice! To read more about the Travel Theme, got to!travel romance 2 travel romance

Travel theme: Yellow, on a trip to France

In summer of 2010 I went on a trip to Provence in France. We finished our trip in Cassis down by the Mediterranean Sea. A picturesque small town with lot of great alleys to walk in. We stayed at a Camping outside the town and there was no problem getting down to the beach and old town. But getting back… We where biking on this trip, but the gradient of the streets back was about 20 % so it took 40 minutes to walk back. Not a problem when I am on vacation and it was a really beautiful town. These photos are taken in Cassis. First the beautiful sun of Provence, I just love this little detail! And the second one with a very yellow boat;)

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