Magic walk among old textile industries

A sunny day among old textile industries

Several times yearly I go to Norrköping for a walk in the magic landscape of old textile industries. There I find a mixture of old buildings, waterfalls and artistic galleries, museums and bars. A paradise if you love to take photos, many cool views there!

First photo is like a fairytale, roses in front of a building:

old textile industries

As my walk continues I find so much to watch and enjoy, small details and large views:

Another angle of this huge waterfall:

This small tree by the water was so beautiful and made such a great contrast to the grey wall:

A man was building a new walk path beside the old houses, I can’t wait to walk over there:

A really cool bar, unfortunately not open at the moment I passed:

I end up with a tower like building that are heading for the clouds:

Thanks for reading and watching my photos, I hope you enjoyed!

Hiking with a view: Lake Como

Wonderful Lake Como

This summer we went to Lake Como for hiking and enjoying the lake:)

We stayed in a small village: Varenna from where it is possible to do several hiking trips. All trails is a bit demanding, its partly very steep but the views are, of course amazing.

On the first day we went on a boat trip cross the lake to Lenno. We took a small walk around the park surrounding Villa Balbianello. Here you can see the view from one point during the walk.

Lake Como

Later on during our week in Varenna we was hiking some harder trails. For example we walked above Varenna, passing the Castello di Vizio, ending up in a village called Bellano. Below you can see some views from that trip.



A week in Greece, spent on Crete

Beautiful Crete

Last week I went to Crete, to a small town named Kolymbari. We stayed for a week and the weather was warm and sunny. My favorite kind of weather:)

During the week we did a lot of swimming, walking and just enjoying the beauty of the small town.


Nice view from the beach. The beach itself is not the strength of Kolymbari, its filled with stones and its a bit tricky to get into the water. But the views are amazing and we swim a lot in out pool:)


Could the sea be more blue? View from a restaurant by the Mediterranean sea.

cars on the beach

A barren place, where to cars where watching the sea:)


The sun is about to set behind the mountains, wonderful evenings here.


I can’t help myself from wondering about the guests… The parking sign seems to be a bit newer than the house.

A trip to Elafonisi

We heard about the beach Elafonisi and decided to go there for a day. It was supposed to be something extra, like Cretes “Thailand”. It was really nice, soft sand but it was a bit windy. Still we enjoyed our day, a lot. The trip there was not so pleasant, going by bus on small roads in the mountains… We passed a tunnel through a ravine and the tunnel was hardly larger than the bus…


Clear water:)


The beach was surrounded by mountains, which was rather cool.


On the way back, we stopped by the Topolia Gorge. Nice to see but not so nice tor travel the small roads…

Views over three small villages

In Cinque Terre there where, as the name gives us a hint about, five villages. And as I told you in my last post we where hiking between the villages and partly it was som hard trails to walk.

I got three of the villages on photo from some nice viewpoints, you can see them here:






Colorful details in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre -a dream comes true

I have longed for going to Cinque Terre for years and when I finally got to book my trip I was afraid that I was going to get disappointed. I have had some photos from the trip in previous posts, and I must say that this place was amazing! We was walking some of the hiking trails and the views was so beautiful. I’m glad we went there in September, it was a lot of people but we where told that there are many times more in the summer… We walked som of the more difficult trails and it was not crowded at all:D And there would not be place enough for that. Narrow paths…

I will start my story in photos with some details from the sights, colorful details. Next post will show some more of the views and villages. We stayed in the village called Monterosso, one of the larger of the five villages. I must say my favorite was a town called Corniglia, read more about it here.

Here you can find my earlier posted photos from Cinque Terre: Heights and Blinded.

cinque terre



175/365: 25 bländad (blinded)

Blinded by nature

Blinded by the sun in the morning. It was shining bright through the haze, when trekking in Cinque Terre, Italy. I have seen a lot of beautiful landscapes but this was really amazing. We had some hard paths but it was worth every step:) Read more about all the trails here.

Jag blev bländad av solen på morgonen när den sken genom dimman, under min vandring i Cinque Terre, Italien. Jag har sett många vackra landskap men det var verkligen något alldeles extra. Vi gick en del utmanande sträckor men det var värt varje steg:) Klicka på länken i den engelska texten för att få mer information om de vandringsleder som finns i området.


A review on another year


It’s this time of the year… again…

Time to make a review on the year that just passed. I wonder where it has gone, and also I wonder what the next year will bring.

First I have some things I’m grateful for at this Point:
Me and my kids have had a lot of fun, laughter and love. That is a blessing.
My loved once are healthy and we are all having good lives.
I have been able to make trips to wonderful destinations 2014, Paris, the islands Åland and Mallorca.
I have a great Place to live and a good place to work.

Conclusion: a wonderful year!

I will now make a quick review. Some of the photos you might have already seen, but I hope they are worth another look. I have taken a lot of photos, as usual, and it’s hard to choose just a few. I have picked out some “milestones”, primarily from my travels, I hope you will enjoy them:)

The year began with a Winter with very Little snow, unfortunately… But that also meant we had an early spring. This year I shot some of, in my opinion, my best seascape photos ever. For more sea views, please click on “sea” in the tag cloud to the left of this post.

Spring came with all the lovely flowers.

In May we went to Paris. A fantastic experience. I have never been there Before, but it lived up to my expectations.

Read about a some great things to do in Paris: Five things you have to do in Paris

For midsummer we planned a trip to Åland. That was a wonderful trip, except for the weather. Cold, and windy… But I had a great time with  my family:)

Water hitting the rocks
Water hitting the rocks

Next stop during the summer was Palma beach at Mallorca. The weather was much warmer and nicer:-)


And we ended up with a great autumn in Sweden:


Thank you for a wonderful year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

A visit to Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm is now a trendy part of the Swedish capital. A oas high above the rest of Stockholm. You can find nice walking paths with a view over the rest of the city. Old houses can be found everywhere and here is a lot of street life. The great thing is that you can also find a lot of flowers, gardens and nature, in the middle of the city:) If you like to sit in the street having a coffee while watching all the people passing by, this is the right place. I visited Södermalm yesterday, a sunny and warm day, we really had a great time walking around the area. I hope you will enjoy my photos from our trip.

To read more about Södermalm, please click here.

View from our lunch place
View from our lunch place
The lamp
The lamp
View from above
View from above
Walking down the street
Walking down the street
Almost like spring:)
Almost like spring:)
View over Stockholm city hall
View over Stockholm city hall
A small garden
A small garden
On the way
On the way

Back from my Paris trip

This is my story from last weeks Paris trip. My first time in Paris and a wonderful experience, we had a great time. My goal for the trip was to take photos of things that not have been seen too much or to find some other perspectives of “known” sites or views. I am not sure I succeeded but I sure have a lot of memories in my photos.

We lived in an apartment in a very “noisy” part of Montmartre, just beside the Moulin Rouge. Our view from the French balcony offered a lot of people. I love to watch people in middle of their lives, on their way somewhere. I spent some time just looking down at our nearest street.

Paris trip
Outside the Moulin Rouge, view from our window

In our street (Rue Lepic), there where small shops for all kinds of things, one for fish, one for bread and so on. I bought some wonderful Pions in the flower shop.

Pions on our table
Pions on our table

I love roofs and rooftops, walls and windows. Here are some nearby views, also taken from our window;

I love the soft colors in grey, blue and turquoise, the red large advertisement makes a great contrast…

My mother enjoyed our view as well;

My mothers enjoying the view
My mothers enjoying the view

The garbage truck usually block the whole street, and sometimes causes some irritation…:)

Garbage truck in the street
Garbage truck in the street

Day two on our Paris trip we went for a trip to Tour Eiffel, something my kids wished for. There was so much people, and that is why we decided not to get up to the top… I took of course some photos, but I think I will show you my “best” perspective of that tower.

Living in Montmartre there was a lot of walking in that area, it is in some way like a small town in the countryside, some streets were empty. At the highest point in Montmartre is the church Sacré Coeur, we went there a few times and from there the view over Paris are awesome.

Finally here are some random street photos, I found Poppies, roses and a lot of pad locks…

Weekly photo challenge; on the move

On the move

-Weekly photo challenge-

This post is an entry in the Weekly photo challenge. To read more about this challenge, or participate, please click the link above.

I have chosen a few different ways to be on the move, on land and at sea. Both photos of boats at sea are taken outside Venice, from the island Lido. The first photo shows some speed boats racing just outside the harbor. The second sea photo shows a water bus or Vaporetto, the way to transport people in and outside Venice.

The other two photos are taken in London, one at a market where some person are just rushing by and the other photo shows one of the “new” buses in London. OT but I think that design is rather cool:)

My photos are organized in a slide show. The photos change automatically or just click on a thumbnail to enlarge it. If you click below the slide on “FS” you get the slide in full screen, which offers you a greater photo experience!

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