Thursday theme: nature photos

Thursday: nature photos

This weeks Thursday: nature photos will have some wonderful clouds for you. Also some flowers, taken at the rocks in the archipelago, another flower from my garden and finally a seagull lying of to the blue sky. To see more of my weekly posts, please follow the link above.

Mother nature offers us so much amazing views. She offers joy and happiness. Also she brings us all sorts of weathers and plants, a wonderful gift.

Thursday nature photo: early summer flowers

Welcome summer flowers!

This Thursday nature post is a celebration to the very first summer flowers. I think that May-June are the most beautiful months of all. Flowers all around and new are coming constantly. A month from now there are considerable less number of different flowers. Here and now, especially in this moment:-)

I wish to welcome early summer

I wish to embrace all flowers in the world

I wish to scream out; hello my friends, welcome back!

Everything wakes up and everywhere a new life begins. Reborn or newborn, a work of Mother Nature.

Like the Magnolia blossoms in my garden or the daisies that just pops up everywhere in the grass, awesome to watch them facing the sun. :

Even if it is early summer, some flowers already are ready to leave and to give life to new flowers next year like this  Dandelion:

summer flowers

I will finish this walk through early summer flowers with an amazing “sea” of tulips, they are really wonderful in their soft pink color, don’t you think?

Pink tulips
Pink tulips


Thursday theme; nature in evening light

Nature in evening light

I think there are just a few things in this world that beats evening light. It is soft, gentle, smooth and also offers wonderful shadows. A great opportunity for every photographer. I must of course admit that even mornings offers quite awesome light. But that will have it’s time and place in another post.

My Thursday theme is nature, read more on this page: Weekly Posts.

The photos in this post are taken after a rainy day. When evening arrived, so did the sun:)

A warm and welcoming May-sun, lovely! I had to go out and enjoy it.

This May have been filled with rainy day this far. Therefore that evening was a fantastic experience, all that I have longed for in the rain. With happy feelings and filled with new energy, I walked around, looking, smelling and taking photos. I was watching the sea and also the wonderful sky, it was still a bit cloudy… Wonderful orange/pink clouds!

I hope you will enjoy and that the photos shows how wonderful this evening was.

evening light
Hackberry blossom
Hackberry blossom


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