Longing for winter to arrive

I have started to long for winter to arrive.

This autumn has been warm but last weeks it has been extremely dull and grey. Some photos from some winter days light up. Especially when Christmas is coming up, the grey days seems to be so wrong:)

In my archives I have found some sparkling white landscapes from the past few years. They make me happy and also give hope for some change to come. I know there have been a lot of snowing in other parts of the world lately, and of course it might be too much snow as well…

But I hope you will enjoy theses photos whether you have some winter or not.

Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden
Winter in the eastcoast of Sweden


Ice cold morning by the sea

A sparkling day

By the water -a morning in calmness

Water lillies
Water lillies

As you might already know: I love early mornings by the sea. The calmness is overwhelming and the light is wonderful. A moment of silence before the rest of the world wakes up.

Autumn is comming
Autumn is coming

Ain’t no sunshine when she is gone…

End of summer, goodbye sunshine!

I’m now back in blogging, and it’s a reliable sign that the autumn is here. Our sunny days will soon be over and here in Sweden we will once again be covered in darkness. Of course there are some sun in the autumn and winter as well but the days are getting shorter for every week now. In december the sun will be up between 09.00 and 15.00. That is a rather short day, don’t you agree.

Right now the world is beautiful, turning from summer to autumn, soon there will be all these colored leaves and a wonderful daylight. But in a way I grieve the summer every year, when “she” left us. I will miss you, but we will meet again next year:) Now in to a new season and some new views of life and nature. I hope you will come here to visit during the autumn, I will publish some photos from nature and sea. And I will also look back to the summer and a trip to Mallorca, you will get a report in photos.

Until next time I hope you enjoy my my amazing sunflower.


Time for my summer summary in photos

Summer summary 2014

Summer is soon coming to an end. This year too…

I have gone through my photos for this summer and my summer summary contains a lot of activities outside, in nature and by the sea in the archipelago. A great summer that started with a lot of rain in June and later turned into a fantastic summer with a lot of sunny days.

Here you will find a lot of photos in a gallery that tell a lot about this summer from a rain wet rose in June to sunny days by the sea. This summer has been amazing and the photos will be enjoyed for a long time:) I will come back to them during the winter, I think it is a great way to keep the summer feeling for a longer time.

Some of the photos have been on this blog in earlier posts but I think they have to be included in this summary, I hope you don’t mind to enjoy them once more…

To watch the summer summary you can also click on one of the photos to enlarge them and to watch them in a carousel.

A visit to Norrköping -a town with great contrasts

I have been very busy lately… With my vacation:) I have had zero time in front of my computer, not too much time with my camera and a lot of time IRL. Fantastic and enjoyable, I think it is important to take care of the time of in ways that make us reload. It will soon be autumn and a lot of time for “cosy” evenings inside…

Today I visited Norrköping, my photos from that trip can be seen here: Covey View

I hope you enjoy that post. We are some bloggers from around the world that write on Covey view about a lot of different subjects, so please have a look and I hope you like it:)

Roses in front of the wall
Roses in front of a wall

After rain -magic evening light

After rain, there is sunshine

after rain
Cloud reflections beside the bridge

Swedish people is always concerned about the weather. We talk about it almost everyday and everywhere. That means in the pub, in the office, in schools… I think it might have something to do with the fact that we can almost never trust the weather. There is just a few weeks of really great summer weather if we are lucky:)

And now for a few weeks we have had some shaky days with rain, sun, thunder, hail… Often when evening comes the rain stop and the sun breaks through all the clouds. And for me who loves great scenes and views this is awesome. The light is magic these evenings and the air feels all fresh. Some dramatic dark clouds combined with some sun makes wonderful subjects!

Another evening I visited our archipelago, and spotted some more dramatic skies. The rain stopped just before I arrived, and the sun came through. I enjoyed that visit a lot, below you can see some of the photos:

South of Sweden ocean view

In south (south-west) of Sweden there are no archipelago, in opposite to the east part of the country. The ocean view are awesome. I went to the south part of our country this week and I was fortune to visit the ocean, thought we where traveling in work. We had a walk beside the ocean and a wonderful beach. Fine and soft sand in beautiful warm color. I guess it is crowded here in the summer.

On my trip it was a very cloudy day, after a couple of days raining. But the beauty of the ocean view shows and walking almost alone at a beach is a wonderful experience. So close to the nature and not a lot of people everywhere, I recommend this as a recreation for anyone:) Just walk along the beach, listening to the water and to all birds screaming in the sky.

It is rather unusual that it is this calm by the ocean, the water was almost still. Wonderful experience to see it this way and to walk without struggling against the wind.

Here are some of my photos from the walk, enjoy!

Our walk begins on rocky paths
Wonderful reflections from the sky
A place to watch the ocean view
The beach are not to crowded…
So lonely standing up against all weather
Saying god buy with a last look back


Prints from Sweden Archipelago

A new store for Sweden archipelago photo products

I have a created a store on Zazzle where I will sell products with prints of my Sweden archipelago photos. I am curious what you think about them? And I gladly take feedback and ideas about what products to offer or wich photos to use (mainly from this blog). The main theme is Sweden archipelago and the photos bring  peace and calmness to your mind while watching them.

If you can’t see the Flashplayer here is a link instead; Kerlundphoto Store
Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

Stockholm cherry trees in blossom

Yesterday when I visited Stockholm I found out that the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården just started to blossom. This is an annual “event” for people in Stockholm and from outside town. Some weeks not far from now the trees will be all covered in pink, it is a magnificent view. I will return to see if I am able to capture that as well.

The trees are supposed to blossom in the end of April or early May, so this is  quite a finding:) All trees is not yet in full bloom, but there was plenty of flowers already.

It was not only Stockholm cherry trees in blossom I captured I also captured street life (here) and som sea life (here). You can find my posts by clicking the links.