Friday morning sunset

Another Friday morning is born

Another stunning Friday morning, its not possible to describe in words or pictures how wonderful the experience was. Mornings is my favourite time of the day. I can watch the new day being born, its something special in that moment. I watch the colours of the sky shifting fast, from purple to orange, depending on in which direction I chose to look.

Mornings give us the opportunity to feel grateful for receiving the gift of another day. But also to feel grateful for the honour to watch the beauty of the new day, the beginning of e new life cycle<3

dsc_0528 dsc_0565

Cold April -wonderful skies

Cool skies in April

The best thing about April and the cold, unstable weather is the great clouds… I love the skies in April, it never bores me:) Lot of clouds and some sun shining through. That makes it all a bit dramatic and fun to catch. One second its sunny, the next its raining. And between its just clouds with some sun lighting them up, awesome if you ask me.

This evening I was on a small hiking tour and caught some clouds, but unfortunately its not many photos that looks like I planned… It was a bit windy and there was a lot of unsharp branches in my pictures. Here you can see two of the pics from the hiking, in my opinion the best once.

skies evening april 2016

178/365: 125 höstkväll (autumn evening)

Autumn evening -I love the darkness and burnings skies. Every sunset is unique and wonderful, a nature’s artwork. I usually gets in a hurry, looking out and observing an all red sky. It never lasts long, I have to rush for my camera and outside to get my daily capture:) Not all evenings are this beautiful…

Höstkvällar -jag älskar mörkret och den brinnande, röda himlen. Varje solnedgång är unik och är verkligen ett av naturens konstverk. Jag får oftast bråttom när jag tittar ut och ser den röda himlen, det håller inte i sig så länge. Jag rusar efter kameran och ut för att hinna få min dagliga fångst:) Långt ifrån alla kvällar är såhär vackra…

autumn evening

I love that “golden hour”

Lots, and lots and even more photos are taken during the “golden hour“. And I love it. A magic glow, that attracts not only photographers. The whole world looks different and beautiful. Wintertime gives the best opportunity to catch this, it gets dark early, so the sunset is early. And I do believe that every day, every sunset and every photo is unique. So here is for you to enjoy some golden moments from last winter!



Some unknown traces in the snow.