Dreaming about winter meets spring

Wonderful times when winter meets spring

I love when winter meets spring, don’t you do that to? We haven’t had much winter lately, not for several years. 5-6 years ago we had some fantastic winters in opposite to the latest years. We had lots of snow and then spring arrived. As a result the snow was slowly melting in the warm sun, much as it “should be”, according to me.

While I have been looking in my photo archives I have found some amazing winter photos. It seems like we have had days that are cold and crispy, while the sun light makes the whole world several shades lighter.

I also found wonderful, sunny spring day with melting ice. Finally the sea is slowly winning the fight against the compact ice and it breaks apart.

It’s lovely to see how finally the spring wins the fight and the water gets it’s freedom. It’s much the opposite to last year when we did not even notice that winter turned into spring. The last photos in this post is taken in springtime and summer. Both with wonderful evening light and stunning reflection. I hope you will enjoy and leave your opinion below about winter meets spring! What do you think about when you see this photos?

Evening in springtime
Summer evening

Good morning sunny day

Like the first sunny day…

Every new day is just that… NEW and every sunny morning feels like e new beginning, filled with promises. A new sunny day!

I love getting up early, also when I have days off.

Last weekend (on Easter eave) I got up early and walked out into the sunny morning. The calmness was overwhelming and the world was as beautiful as ever. Love the calm water and the fragile light. Love the haze and the fresh, crispy morning air.

sunny day
View over the water
View over the water



Winter day part 1

Winter day, the sun is shining and the day is very cold. Lovely times to walk and enjoy the light! We got snow almost immediately after new years eve. The winter arrived in January:) Unfortunately we missed the whole “white christmas” thing, but now the winter has arrived, for real. The temperature is under -10°C almost every day. And I love it:)

Love to walk, love to face the sun, love the stunning light!

Here is my photo for today, a stunning view across the ice. I haven’t tried to walk on it yet, but there where several footprints so I might tomorrow:)

winter day

A survivor from the summer -Morning Glory

Growing Morning Glory inside

Not by purpose though… But it is rather awesome to have these lovely flowers inside, they bring color into our house.

When we where taking some of our pots with citrus inside for the winter, we where surprised…

In one of the pots a new plant started to grow, and grow. It turned out it was the beautiful Morning Glory that was growing in our living room. A miracle that reminds us of summer and warmer days. On the photos in this post the flower where bathing in sunlight, the late morning light in October. Such a survivor, nature always finds its ways and I love it.

I first discovered these flowers in A small town i south of France. I fell in love with this colorful flowers, and since I have been growing them in my garden during summer. Some might say they behave like weeds, but I like them anyway:)

Another post, with a photo of this amazing flower, taken in my garden, not inside: Weekly Photo Challenge, New

Morning glory

On the surface a morning in August

On the surface

I had the most wonderful walk this morning… The sun warmed me and the water was calm. It have been a while since I took any photos, at all. But this morning I could not resist, the nature was stunning. Moments like this is rare nowadays, moments in perfect harmony and calmness. I was lost in the scene and I had a wonderful time. I like to share some photos with you, nothing special or big, but just the small details. Details on the surface, in the reflections. When everything is calm and relaxing.


Finding serenity in nature


This post is an entry in the weekly photo challenge, to find other posts or to participate, click the link.

I find peace by the sea. There is nothing more calming than watching the water, the sky and just feel the nature surrounding. That is serenity for me.

I have lived near the archipelago all my life and I often go there, its beautiful all seasons, and it always offers peace to my mind.

The photos for this weeks challenge is taken in a place I used to pass every day to work. The mornings where stunning. A new day begins and that is a beautiful thing. Watching it by the sea is almost overwhelming, for me:)

Photos can hardly give justice to the real views but I hope these will show some of its greatness.

The new day begins and offers new opportunities. Every new day is a great gift. We should feel gratitude and salute every new day.


A visit to Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm, Stockholm

Södermalm is now a trendy part of the Swedish capital. A oas high above the rest of Stockholm. You can find nice walking paths with a view over the rest of the city. Old houses can be found everywhere and here is a lot of street life. The great thing is that you can also find a lot of flowers, gardens and nature, in the middle of the city:) If you like to sit in the street having a coffee while watching all the people passing by, this is the right place. I visited Södermalm yesterday, a sunny and warm day, we really had a great time walking around the area. I hope you will enjoy my photos from our trip.

To read more about Södermalm, please click here.

View from our lunch place
View from our lunch place
The lamp
The lamp
View from above
View from above
Walking down the street
Walking down the street
Almost like spring:)
Almost like spring:)
View over Stockholm city hall
View over Stockholm city hall
A small garden
A small garden
On the way
On the way

After rain -magic evening light

After rain, there is sunshine

after rain
Cloud reflections beside the bridge

Swedish people is always concerned about the weather. We talk about it almost everyday and everywhere. That means in the pub, in the office, in schools… I think it might have something to do with the fact that we can almost never trust the weather. There is just a few weeks of really great summer weather if we are lucky:)

And now for a few weeks we have had some shaky days with rain, sun, thunder, hail… Often when evening comes the rain stop and the sun breaks through all the clouds. And for me who loves great scenes and views this is awesome. The light is magic these evenings and the air feels all fresh. Some dramatic dark clouds combined with some sun makes wonderful subjects!

Another evening I visited our archipelago, and spotted some more dramatic skies. The rain stopped just before I arrived, and the sun came through. I enjoyed that visit a lot, below you can see some of the photos:

A springtime evening by the water

We have had some lovely days lately. 18 °C and sunshine all days long. Not an ordinary temperature for April in Sweden… This has brought us an early feeling of summer. The trees are soon all green and the Magnolia is in blossom. I love the sun and to be outside and just feel the warm and gentle air against my skin. To hear the birds singing and bubble of joy and happiness. To see my cat lie in the grass; there is no other animal that can enjoy life more than a cat!

Springtime evening

All this have given some really warm evenings. The best thing I now is to take a stroll down by the waterfront with a camera in my hand. The late sun gives a soft and warm light. When there is no wind the reflections are just wonderful.

I will post some of the photos from tonight, I hope they show some of the fantastic mood I experienced by the water this springtime evening, almost magic. There was all calm and suddenly a boat came across the water, leaving some small, soft waves. When I returned home the sun had set behind the houses, I captured a Magnolia flower ready to rest for the night.




Springtime; my garden life begins

I love this season, springtime is my favorite time of the year. And why is that? The answer is simple; my garden life begins. Next to photography, gardening is my greatest passion in life. These are the two hobbies that take almost all my time off. And it is possible, of course to combine, gardens, flowers and trees are wonderful objectives for a photographer.

My children are of corse my number one priority but they also like gardening. We plant and build, place stones and buy flowers. We have enjoyed a few days off in sunny weather and now there is big things happening in my garden. I must say my “garden” is really small but I can manage to get a lot of plants and flowers to fit in there:) We also put some seeds in the earth this monday so now we are waiting for our carrots, salad, peas and more to grow.

Garden life photos

The photos in this post are taken on the flowers that I have in my garden right now, there are more to come, but these first are special to me.

Look at the photos and enjoy my flowers and my garden life!

Steam boats in Stockholm water

This post contains another portion of photographs from Stockholm, this time it is not street life, but Stockholm water.

Steam boats in Stockholm water

There are plenty of old steam boats in Stockholm, some of them is under recovering and others are in traffic. Just a few of them are real steam boats, most of them have a diesel motor instead of the steam generator. Most of the boats today traffic different routes in the archipelago for example to “Fjäderholmarna” or Vaxholm”. Many tourists go with the boats in summertime, so does a lot of natives. There are boats heading to “Djurgården”, on that route there are a lot of people traveling all year.

Here you can see some photos from the dockside and also the Stockholm water front, I have focused on closing up on the boats. I love the old boats and all wonderful details.

I hope you found these boats as wonderful as I do, if you ever visit Stockholm these are definitely worth looking for.

Morning in the archipelago

Another early morning on my way to work, the road passes our beautiful archipelago. The light is magic it is something in the air:)

Fortunately I happened to have my camera with me, not all days that happens… Beside the road I spotted (like every morning) the small beach and saw a wonderful scene. The sun had risen just an hour ago and it was a lovely morning in the archipelago. I’m glad I stopped by the beach that morning i March, my camera managed to capture the magic light quite well.

I will share what I saw this morning, hard to make the scene justice in photos, I hope you can get a clue about how it appeared to me:)

Morning light at the harbor

Mornings are so beautiful, all fresh and pure. The new day begins and gives us new opportunities. One day is like the life from birth do death, the morning sun is waking us up to the new life:) Last sunday I woke up and found that the sun was shining:DSC_0745

I decided to go to see the morning light at the harbor. I rushed away with my camera and got there when the sun was almost covered by clouds… But not the whole sun:DSC_0750 DSC_0756

This is a sauna, floating in the water, very nice in the summertime:DSC_0768

I also found some interesting materials with different structure, they make a great contrast and even a nice picture, I think.DSC_0781