Light up the dark December evening

A December evening walk

This December evening I took a walk in the dark.

I was feeling happy because I have, finally bought a tripod, earlier I have borrowed one…

I went out with my new investment in the dark evening to shot some “cool” moving lights. Unfortunately this evening was not a evening when people was moving around in cars, I guess they preferred to stay home. But I caught some cars with a small aperture and bulb setting on my camera.

I have not had so much time to take photos at all lately so I feel satisfied just getting out. My time is now occupied with work, and studies. I have began an education in Digital Design, very interesting and a lot of fun. Creative things to study, but it really eats my time… Here you can find the first step toward a portfolio that I have to create during the education: Kerlundesign

Just two of my photos from this evening, I think I could have done better, but I will keep trying.

December evening


Back from my Paris trip

This is my story from last weeks Paris trip. My first time in Paris and a wonderful experience, we had a great time. My goal for the trip was to take photos of things that not have been seen too much or to find some other perspectives of “known” sites or views. I am not sure I succeeded but I sure have a lot of memories in my photos.

We lived in an apartment in a very “noisy” part of Montmartre, just beside the Moulin Rouge. Our view from the French balcony offered a lot of people. I love to watch people in middle of their lives, on their way somewhere. I spent some time just looking down at our nearest street.

Paris trip
Outside the Moulin Rouge, view from our window

In our street (Rue Lepic), there where small shops for all kinds of things, one for fish, one for bread and so on. I bought some wonderful Pions in the flower shop.

Pions on our table
Pions on our table

I love roofs and rooftops, walls and windows. Here are some nearby views, also taken from our window;

I love the soft colors in grey, blue and turquoise, the red large advertisement makes a great contrast…

My mother enjoyed our view as well;

My mothers enjoying the view
My mothers enjoying the view

The garbage truck usually block the whole street, and sometimes causes some irritation…:)

Garbage truck in the street
Garbage truck in the street

Day two on our Paris trip we went for a trip to Tour Eiffel, something my kids wished for. There was so much people, and that is why we decided not to get up to the top… I took of course some photos, but I think I will show you my “best” perspective of that tower.

Living in Montmartre there was a lot of walking in that area, it is in some way like a small town in the countryside, some streets were empty. At the highest point in Montmartre is the church Sacré Coeur, we went there a few times and from there the view over Paris are awesome.

Finally here are some random street photos, I found Poppies, roses and a lot of pad locks…

Narrow streets in Old Town, Stockholm

Really beautiful houses in these narrow streets, and i managed to find some without a lot of people strolling “in my way”… Every street, every house has a story on it´s own, old houses are just wonderful, I think.

image image

I love this open window, simple but a wonderful detail, showing some life is going on nearby.


And at last some golden light in the “end of the street”, this cold day… Focus is by purpouse down there over the water.