Weekly Photo Challenge: It is easy being green!
A blue ocean in the forest

A blue ocean in the forest

Time of in the blue I selldom get out in the forest these days. I’m very busy, working and studying full time… Not much photos or blogging… I will be back in about sex weeks,…

Soap bubbles -brings joy and beauty

I love soap bubbles. They make me feel like a child again.¬†Wonderful bubbles reaching for the sky, while reflecting the surrounding world. I can watch them for a long time. And as a bonus they…

Celebrating spring and Easter

Finally Spring is here I wish you all some wonderful Holidays and weekend. I love springtime, it’s my favorite time of the year, with all the hope and joy. Summer will be here soon. I…

Weekly photo challenge; in the middle of springtime
Finally; spring has arrived!

Finally; spring has arrived!

Nothing compares to the first spring flower. The feeling is unbeatable. The first buds, the birds singing in the sky. The sun warms my skin and I enjoy it so much. Life and hope returns….

February nature pictures

February usually are a month filled with snow. Not this time though… Here are some nature pictures that I took last weekend, and as you can see the snow is gone. The weather was really…