The wanderer -just walk on

The wanderer

I’m a wanderer, not by the meaning that I travel a lot, but I walk a lot. I’m a person who loves photography and it’s hard to take photos just in the backyard. That is one reason for me to walk around a lot. To see things, to enjoy views and to take pictures. Sitting in a car do not give the same feeling of the surroundings. Walking get everything closer to me.

I have been a wanderer most of my life, as a kid I loved to walk, mainly in the forest and by the sea. As an adult I still find peace walking with nature close to me.

I think we all are wanderers from time to time, now I mean in another way. I think of all the times in live when we feel that it’s time to move on, time to see new things or time to heal. It might be a new job, a break up from a relationship or maybe time to get another place to live. We usually “know” when it’s time to walk away and continue the wandering of life in some other way or place.

I think that walking a lot gives me comfort and also calm me down in times of change, it is a great way to “walk on” with life, it gives time for reflection and to heal the soul. This makes me a wanderer in to ways at the same time;)

Last weekend I was out walking in our archipelago and I promised you some more photos from that trip. There is some sea view photos and also some from the surrounding nature. I hope you enjoy these photos from a wanderer.