18 av 365: 7 avbild (image)

Bild 18/365: avbild i dubbel bemärkelse, först orkidén, sedan dess skugga. Jag har belyst från sidan med en vanlig spotlight.

Theme 18 of 365 in my photo challenge. The interpretation in this photo is for the theme “image”. An orchid with its shadow makes “2 images”. I used an ordinary lamp to put light on the flower.


Beauty in a simple orchid

My simple white orchid is on its way to get a lot of new flowers. I earlier wrote about my thought “keep it simple” and that is what this flower is. But still so beautiful. Got some great photos whit my phone, usually I don’t like the output from that camera, but this time I am (once again) surprised over the outcome. I took several photos, but I like these to the most. I can not really decide which one are the best but I sort of prefer the first one. I like the contrasts:)