Mindful refueling

Time for refueling

I have to stop by here to show you some photos from my “Tuesday refueling hike”:) Yes I managed to get a Tuesday hike, in between som examinations and other tasks to complete.


It was an amazing day. The weather at the moment was all gray. But no wind, no rain, and a bit dark… But what I found outdoors was stillness and wonderful autumn colors. It was like nature was waiting for something to happen, the mood was a bit strange.

It really felt peace and calmness, just walking around in the forest, watching a calm lake in our way.

We where hiking at Sörmlandsleden, a hiking trail that is about 1000 km long, this part was about 10 km and is situated around a lake called Nävsjön. A very beautiful place, every season.


Celebrate all beautiful things in life

Every day has it’s beauty.

Every new dawn we experience is a miracle.

It’s just that we don’t realize.

When we are in a hurry, in sadness, in anger or maybe hatred.

We have to take the time to stop and just look.

Take time and get the opportunity to experience the beauty in life and to celebrate all the beautiful things in life.



55/365: 204 naturkonst (nature’s art)

55/365, naturkonst. Naturen är den största av alla konstnärer, vilket gjorde att det var svårt att välja hur jag skulle tolka temat.

Theme 55 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for “nature’s art”. Nature is the greatest of artists, it was hard to chose how to interpret this theme.

nature's art