Friday morning sunset

Another Friday morning is born

Another stunning Friday morning, its not possible to describe in words or pictures how wonderful the experience was. Mornings is my favourite time of the day. I can watch the new day being born, its something special in that moment. I watch the colours of the sky shifting fast, from purple to orange, depending on in which direction I chose to look.

Mornings give us the opportunity to feel grateful for receiving the gift of another day. But also to feel grateful for the honour to watch the beauty of the new day, the beginning of e new life cycle<3

dsc_0528 dsc_0565

No place is like home

Home sweet home

Long time no seen… Finally back home:)

This summer have been busy, but in a good way. I have travelled to three countries, I have been in the sun by the pool, I have been hiking by the Como lake, and there have been some city life in London.

My summer has been fantastic. But I’m happy to be home now:) This morning was one of this beautiful August mornings… Haze over the sea and the sun trying to come through. The feeling is unbeatable. I could feel heat from the sun through the haze. The water was completely still, no wind. The only sound was from some fishes hitting the surface.

So I’m back home, and back behind my computer. It will be a busy autumn, but a lot of fun. I’m going to be student and will learn a lot of new things. And of course I will spend some time blogging:)

I hope you all have had some wonderful time this summer and that you all are looking forward to the autumn with anticipation.

I could hardly see the horizon, all was covered in haze.

The sun will soon break through the haze

No sight of the forest at the other side…

My favorite flower is covered with spiderweb:)

Good morning sunny day

Like the first sunny day…

Every new day is just that… NEW and every sunny morning feels like e new beginning, filled with promises. A new sunny day!

I love getting up early, also when I have days off.

Last weekend (on Easter eave) I got up early and walked out into the sunny morning. The calmness was overwhelming and the world was as beautiful as ever. Love the calm water and the fragile light. Love the haze and the fresh, crispy morning air.

sunny day
View over the water
View over the water



On the surface a morning in August

On the surface

I had the most wonderful walk this morning… The sun warmed me and the water was calm. It have been a while since I took any photos, at all. But this morning I could not resist, the nature was stunning. Moments like this is rare nowadays, moments in perfect harmony and calmness. I was lost in the scene and I had a wonderful time. I like to share some photos with you, nothing special or big, but just the small details. Details on the surface, in the reflections. When everything is calm and relaxing.


By the water -a morning in calmness

Water lillies
Water lillies

As you might already know: I love early mornings by the sea. The calmness is overwhelming and the light is wonderful. A moment of silence before the rest of the world wakes up.

Autumn is comming
Autumn is coming

Every new day brings new opportunities

New opportunities for this day

new opportunities
Good morning

Every new day brings us new opportunities.

I wonder what this day will bring?

It offers a fresh start and a new beginning.

I have a choice when I woke up, I can choose to look att my day with hope and joy. With confidence and curiosity.

I can choose to shine like the sun and to be my own best for this day. I can choose to promise myself to give this new day my best:)

Begin this day with a moment of calmness, relax, take a deep breath and then sail off into the new day.

A new day begins and brings new opportunities

A new day begins

Time for me to build on another post, a post about celebrating a new day (read it here). The video clip below is made from my photos in very different seasons, all beautiful…

New day –brings promises

New day –brings hope

New day –brings curiosity and expectation 

I slowly wake up and realize I have been given a new day. I have to enjoy and hold that feeling for a while. Gather some strength to face the new day and to rise up from bed.

I rise and wonder what this new day has prepared for me, another unwritten page in my book of life, I can hardly wait…

new day begins
Good morning

New day –give me a smile!

New day –give me something joyful!

New day –give me something beautiful!

I chose to have all that when the new day begins. I promise myself to smile, to do something joyful and to see all the beauty in the world. How about you?


A great way to celebrate a new day

Celebrate a new day

The new day has just began. I leave home in an early hour, hardly awake. A song begins to sing all by itself in my head; “I give you the morning, I give you the day”… A beautiful song about love that makes my thoughts wake up. Is this a way to celebrate the new day; by driving almost sleeping on a bumpy road? When I could lie down beside someone dear and have some more hours sleep? Anyway, that is not the case right now and I better keep on driving to get this day over and done with.

I still can’t let go of the song and it keeps singing in my head. And the morning is actually a beautiful morning. The sun has just risen and the surrounding nature shows all the pure and fresh beauty that only can be seen in an early spring morning. There is a place just beside the road, it’s a small shore, well hidden from the crowd. In summertime you just get a glimpse of it between all the trees. In springtime it is more easy to spot.

 – Well it’s now or never…

I have been driving this road for 15 years and I have never got out of my car to enjoy the fantastic sea view. I park my car just above the small shore and walk down. It feels really relieving to walk in the sand. The early sun salute me good morning and the light is amazing. Some small islands can be spotted through the light haze.

I decide to sit down for a while, there on the shore. The minutes pass, but I don’t care. Work will still be there… Small movement in the water. Sun reflecting from the sky. The scene is filled with hope, calmness and beauty. Now this is a great way to start a new day!

new day
Celebrating the new day


Morning in the archipelago

Another early morning on my way to work, the road passes our beautiful archipelago. The light is magic it is something in the air:)

Fortunately I happened to have my camera with me, not all days that happens… Beside the road I spotted (like every morning) the small beach and saw a wonderful scene. The sun had risen just an hour ago and it was a lovely morning in the archipelago. I’m glad I stopped by the beach that morning i March, my camera managed to capture the magic light quite well.

I will share what I saw this morning, hard to make the scene justice in photos, I hope you can get a clue about how it appeared to me:)

Morning light at the harbor

Mornings are so beautiful, all fresh and pure. The new day begins and gives us new opportunities. One day is like the life from birth do death, the morning sun is waking us up to the new life:) Last sunday I woke up and found that the sun was shining:DSC_0745

I decided to go to see the morning light at the harbor. I rushed away with my camera and got there when the sun was almost covered by clouds… But not the whole sun:DSC_0750 DSC_0756

This is a sauna, floating in the water, very nice in the summertime:DSC_0768

I also found some interesting materials with different structure, they make a great contrast and even a nice picture, I think.DSC_0781


Weekly Photo Challenge: beginning

This morning I went out for a walk and this I think is a beautiful beginning of a new day. Fresch air, wonderful skies and just pure nature. My favorite beginning:) It was a cloudy morning but I managed to get a photo where the sun shine through a bit. This is my first post in “weekly photo challenge”, but it sounds like a great idea and I will try to follow this and participate as often as possible.


Every sunrise is unique

Every sunrise is the beginning of a new day, a new lifcycle. Photos of both sunsets and sunrises are very common, but still none of them are exactly the same.

This saturday in December it is real cold outside, and a fantastic light and mood. And of course also unique:)

So this morning I decided to go out just before the sunrise and take some photos. Cold but indeed beautiful.

image image image