The Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

Light and Shadow

Light that create a shadow -different sides of the same coin:) I love the structure of shadows on the wall and the possibility to create different structures, playing with different light and source of light. Of course the shadow is also created by the object in focus. These components are one of the central things in photography, when I take photos indoors. I think it’s similar to all artistic expressions, that it is all about playing with and interpreting the surroundings. Fun and enjoyable!

This post is a interpretation of the theme in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. I hope you enjoy the picture and if you would like to see more photos of shadows please click here.

Shadow WPC

Celebrating spring and Easter

Finally Spring is here


I wish you all some wonderful Holidays and weekend. I love springtime, it’s my favorite time of the year, with all the hope and joy. Summer will be here soon.

I love the light that returns to us after a long, dark winter. I wish for us all that the light and hope will stay here for us all.

Enjoy your weekend and I wish you a Happy Easter!




A survivor from the summer -Morning Glory

Growing Morning Glory inside

Not by purpose though… But it is rather awesome to have these lovely flowers inside, they bring color into our house.

When we where taking some of our pots with citrus inside for the winter, we where surprised…

In one of the pots a new plant started to grow, and grow. It turned out it was the beautiful Morning Glory that was growing in our living room. A miracle that reminds us of summer and warmer days. On the photos in this post the flower where bathing in sunlight, the late morning light in October. Such a survivor, nature always finds its ways and I love it.

I first discovered these flowers in A small town i south of France. I fell in love with this colorful flowers, and since I have been growing them in my garden during summer. Some might say they behave like weeds, but I like them anyway:)

Another post, with a photo of this amazing flower, taken in my garden, not inside: Weekly Photo Challenge, New

Morning glory

23 av 365: 170 ljussken (light)

Tema 23/365 i fotoutmaningen. Dagens tema är ljussken. Ljussken kan komma från många olika källor men solen är väl den mest kraftfulla av dem alla, så vitt vi vet… Och den vackraste, åtminstone när den reflekteras i vattnet.

Theme 23 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for a “light”. Light might come from a lot of sources but the sun, I guess the most powerful of them, as we know… At least it is the most beautiful one, at least when the light reflects in water.


Every new day brings new opportunities

New opportunities for this day

new opportunities
Good morning

Every new day brings us new opportunities.

I wonder what this day will bring?

It offers a fresh start and a new beginning.

I have a choice when I woke up, I can choose to look att my day with hope and joy. With confidence and curiosity.

I can choose to shine like the sun and to be my own best for this day. I can choose to promise myself to give this new day my best:)

Begin this day with a moment of calmness, relax, take a deep breath and then sail off into the new day.

After rain -magic evening light

After rain, there is sunshine

after rain
Cloud reflections beside the bridge

Swedish people is always concerned about the weather. We talk about it almost everyday and everywhere. That means in the pub, in the office, in schools… I think it might have something to do with the fact that we can almost never trust the weather. There is just a few weeks of really great summer weather if we are lucky:)

And now for a few weeks we have had some shaky days with rain, sun, thunder, hail… Often when evening comes the rain stop and the sun breaks through all the clouds. And for me who loves great scenes and views this is awesome. The light is magic these evenings and the air feels all fresh. Some dramatic dark clouds combined with some sun makes wonderful subjects!

Another evening I visited our archipelago, and spotted some more dramatic skies. The rain stopped just before I arrived, and the sun came through. I enjoyed that visit a lot, below you can see some of the photos:

Morning light at the harbor

Mornings are so beautiful, all fresh and pure. The new day begins and gives us new opportunities. One day is like the life from birth do death, the morning sun is waking us up to the new life:) Last sunday I woke up and found that the sun was shining:DSC_0745

I decided to go to see the morning light at the harbor. I rushed away with my camera and got there when the sun was almost covered by clouds… But not the whole sun:DSC_0750 DSC_0756

This is a sauna, floating in the water, very nice in the summertime:DSC_0768

I also found some interesting materials with different structure, they make a great contrast and even a nice picture, I think.DSC_0781


Sunlight on leaves -like a painting

I just love to see the effect of sunlight on leaves. It is sort of nature as it’s best. Leaves are transparant and thin, the light goes right thru it. That makes great photos, sometimes a bit abstract and also artistic.
Here are a few examples of photos I have taken, often whit the sun in front of me. Makes it a bit tricky to get details, sometimes it can be a lot of silouttes and shadows, wich I wants sometimes, but not in theese cases.
Red colors by Mwap38