50/365: 94 fönsterspegling (reflection)

50/365, tema fönsterspegling. Huset är en del av ett slott från 1100-talet, detta hus är ett av de byggnader som finns kvar idag. Läs mer i en tidigare post genom att följa länken nedan.

Theme 50 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for “reflection”. The house is a part of an old castle from the 12th century. This is one of the remaining buildings today. See more in an earlier post: view.


8 av 365: 241 renoveringsobjekt (decline)


Renoveringsobjekt kan vara rätt vackra tycker jag. Denna lilla byggnad är jättefin, men skulle kanske må bra av lite renovering:)

Day eight of the 365 photo challenge. Todays theme is “decline”, the word in in Swedish means “something (a building for example) that needs restoration”.  I think buildings that looks like this are beautiful, but it might be a good thing to make some restoration:)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

-Weekly Photo Challenge-

For more information about this challenge, please click on the link above.

My entry this week is a photo taken “inside” but still not inside. This is from an inner courtyard. Here are a lot of shop, small streets “inside” a great and wonderful place in the middle of a town. Old buildings, coffee places, a lot of great things to photograph.


February rain

I have not been taken any photos for several weeks now. Today my plan was to get a lot of photos from a wonderful place by the creek. I got about ten photos, then the rain was start to fall. A lot of rain… February is supposed to be a month with lots of snow, but not this year. Well here are my best shots of today.    Minstad




Here the “fun” ends and I return home:Grådask


Narrow streets in Old Town, Stockholm

Really beautiful houses in these narrow streets, and i managed to find some without a lot of people strolling “in my way”… Every street, every house has a story on it´s own, old houses are just wonderful, I think.

image image

I love this open window, simple but a wonderful detail, showing some life is going on nearby.


And at last some golden light in the “end of the street”, this cold day… Focus is by purpouse down there over the water.



I love houses, they all have their own history and “soul”, just like people. Walls can be like paintings with rough surfaces, windows and doors tell their stories as well. In my album “Stockholm” are some houses I took pictures of last week. Here are some more, with a little more summer feeling:) Theese are taken in Provence, France, last summer. I was travelling by bike and it is a great way to see things and also get the chance to take a lot of photos.