Sacre Coeur view early Paris morning

Sacre Coeur from a different point of view

Early Paris morning

The light is always stunning in the morning. But this photo from an early Paris morning is really special, Sacre Coeur from another point of view…

This photo of the famous church in Paris brings me great memories. Early morning and the whole family was strolling, first through the streets of Montmartre, up towards Sacre Coeur. In a small alley we spotted this wonderful view. It’s been a while now, and I really want to go back to Paris. But at the moment I can at least enjoy the photos from my last trip there:) You can find som more photos from Paris in another post: Back from my Paris trip.

Paris morning

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise

One Word Photo Challenge: Turquoise– 

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Turquoise is an awesome color, I have a photo that I love, one of my favorites. The water is all turquoise in this small lake in the Alps. The lake is called “Annecy Lake” and are situated beside the old town with the same name. An idyllic place, with breathtaking beauty. This photo gives me calm and makes me feel good. This is definitely a place I would like to visit again.

You can read more about my trip to Annecy by clicking this link.

Here is my entry:

Lake Annecy


Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold

-Weekly Photo Challenge: threshold 

This is my entry in WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, the theme is threshold. To read more about this challenge, please click on the link above.

Thresholds can be many things; a travel, a new phase in life or maybe a threshold to a house. This week I have chosen some photos of different buildings, there is threshold to enter. When it comes to the photo of the church I like it to be a symbol for new phases in life; christening, marriage and even funerals.

Do enjoy my photos, all taken in Provence, France. The last one is just for fun, it shows the “threshold” to our tent:-)


Travel theme: Gardens

-Gardens, this weeks travel theme-

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My entry this week in Travel theme: Gardens comes from a travel to Frejus in France. Click here to see Frejus on a map. The garden is actually a park called “Villa Aurelienne”. The garden is mostly overgrown but in my eyes there is a lot of beauty. The house in the park is built 1880.

Travel theme: Yellow, on a trip to France

In summer of 2010 I went on a trip to Provence in France. We finished our trip in Cassis down by the Mediterranean Sea. A picturesque small town with lot of great alleys to walk in. We stayed at a Camping outside the town and there was no problem getting down to the beach and old town. But getting back… We where biking on this trip, but the gradient of the streets back was about 20 % so it took 40 minutes to walk back. Not a problem when I am on vacation and it was a really beautiful town. These photos are taken in Cassis. First the beautiful sun of Provence, I just love this little detail! And the second one with a very yellow boat;)

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