Autumn in the forest

Lovely walk in the forest

The forest is my favourite place, next to my other favourite: the sea, of course…

Every season has its charm: winter, spring, summer and autumn! Love the change in colours and weather. Soon winter will arrive and I hope we will get a lot of snow this year:) Snow make the world a bit more magic and I think we all need some magic in our lives, or what do you think?

But for today I enjoy the last pictures of wonderful autumn colours, which I think will do just fine! Glad for my trips outdoors, they bring me a lot of energy.

So please enjoy some yellow and bright colours:

forest shine


A blue ocean in the forest

Time of in the blue

I selldom get out in the forest these days. I’m very busy, working and studying full time… Not much photos or blogging… I will be back in about sex weeks, when school is of for the summer. I hope you stay and return here when I have mor time again.

I must say, I’m happy to see all visitors on my posts, thank you!

Well, last Sunday I took some time of to visit the forest. I know a place where the ground is all blue with the small flower hepatica. I love their color and they are rare flowers here so I’m happy to see so many of them:)

After my walk I felt happy and filled with a lot of new energy, I should do this more often… !

blue DSC_1373 DSC_1355 DSC_1327 DSC_1320


31 av 365: 127 i skogen (in the forest)

31/365. I skogen… Skogen är vacker oavsett årstid, naturen är en fantastisk konstnär. I njuter av att promenera utomhus, oavsett väder och årstid. Det ger ro och ny energi:) Tyvärr ges det inte så mycket tid ute i dagsljus såhär års, blir mest under helgerna, ser fram emot lite ljusare kvällar.

Theme 31 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for “in the forest”. A beautiful place in all seasons, natures an excellent artist. I enjoy a walk outdoors in all weathers and seasons. Gives peace and refills the levels of energy:) Unfortunately there is not so much time in winter to get out during daylight, only in the weekends. I ooh forward to lighter evenings in about a month or so:.


Weekly photo challenge: shadowed

Autumn light -shadowed leaf

Shadows can be frightening, they can give contrast in a picture.

Shadows can also offer some coolness during a hot summer day.

When taking photos, shadows offer a lot of creative ways to give some tension to the picture and also contrast or effect. It might be frightening or just peaceful. The photo below shows shadows in the forest during an autumn day. The sun is no longer very high up, that gives nice shadows and light also in the middle of the day.

This post is an entry in the weekly photo challenge, the theme for this week is shadowed. To see more entries, or to participate, please click the link.

I hope you will enjoy this entry in the challenge!


February nature pictures

February usually are a month filled with snow. Not this time though… Here are some nature pictures that I took last weekend, and as you can see the snow is gone. The weather was really nice, about +7 °C, my children run around like happy calves. Feels like spring is here! But somehow I have learned that spring in February comes without any guaranties, there can and probably will be more snow. But for now; we had a great time outside!DSC_0877






Weekly Photo Challenge: beginning

This morning I went out for a walk and this I think is a beautiful beginning of a new day. Fresch air, wonderful skies and just pure nature. My favorite beginning:) It was a cloudy morning but I managed to get a photo where the sun shine through a bit. This is my first post in “weekly photo challenge”, but it sounds like a great idea and I will try to follow this and participate as often as possible.