Weekly photo challenge: contrast


A contrast might be a lot of different things. It might be a color different from the surrounding or a shadow. I might also be a lonely flower in the street and so on.

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Last evening I spent in one of my favorite places, situated in our archipelago. I went to a place where I have been many times, but it’s always amazing. This time there where a light wind and wonderful sounds from the sea. I always love the views, the smell from water and also the calmness it brings me.

Our weather is a bit moody this summer. We noticed it had just rained before we got there but the sun just returned. It created a wonderful evening light with great skies.

Of to the challenge now… The first to photos shows the same place at winter and now when it’s summer. You can spot a part of a cabin, that is  where the lighthouse personnel lived during the years 1867-1954. The belfry were used to warn ships in misty weather.

Next photo shows the lighthouse, I like the contrast between manmade and nature.

The lighthouse
The lighthouse

The last photo for this challenge shows a silhouette of a man standing on a rock just beside the lighthouse.

Silhouette on a rock

Now it’s time for a poll, please tell me which photo do you favor? You might use multiple choices. The poll is open until 10th of July 2014.

Weekly photo challenge: between


I have been through my archives this time and I found some photos that are “between”, literally. I wished to find something more sophisticated, but these will do… The photos are taken in London and Paris and shows only some objects to illustrate the theme of this week. Please feel free to give me your thoughts in the comment field below.

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The first photo is taken an early morning in January in London. The window opener looked very “Photo kind” and I think it is a great detail. I also love the soft colors and patterns at the window.

Window detail between the blinds

Looking out through the window there was some wonderful small gardens. I love the contrast between the plants and the rough tiles on the walls. Makes interesting photos.

Small garden
Small garden in a backyard, London

In larger cities the spaces to park is rather small… I always wonder how they manage to get out of there. n the other hand the cars in cities have some bumps and scratches;) I guess it is not easy to drive here.

Narrow street
Narrow street in Paris

Weekly Photo Challenge: extra, extra

What’s extra in a photo?

This weeks challenge, “extra”, makes my brain and creativity work a bit harder than it usually does;) And that is fun, and also how a challenge works.

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I have been searching my archives to find something “extra”, I have been looking and judging. Finally I ended up in my own interpretation, of course. There are no “correct” interpretation, like there never are when it comes to artistic expressions. This in fact means that I have chosen some photos that I think have something extra. If you agree, or don’t agree, please tell me in the comments field. Feedback are always welcome! I especially love the huge cup of tea, and the carrot bracelet that matches the carrot.

Weekly photo challenge: twist

Weekly Photo Challenge for week 22

This post is an entry in the DailyPost weekly photo challenge on the theme “twist”. My entry is represented by the unexpected and some humor. For more posts on this theme or to participate, click the link above!

Photos on this theme was a bit difficult to find. I have never actually thought about “making” a twist when I take photos, it’s more of a coincidence if I have accomplished that… I am not sure whether I have succeeded in my choice of photos this time, you can tell me by voting below the photos.

The photos have different approaches to this weeks challenge. The first I took for another photo challenge on the theme “transparent”. It shows a girl through a glass of water.

The second photo shows a very popular swing in my neighborhood. Kids line up to get the opportunity to go for a ride, not when this photo was taken though. And that might be expected in the winter:)

The third photo is taken in Rome, early in January. The water was really high, the bicycle sign seems to be a bit misplaced. I think this a bit amusing…

The girl behind the glass
The girl behind the glass
Like to go for a ride?
A lot of water on the road
A lot of water on the road

Weekly photo challenge; on top of the roof

Photo challenge; on top of the roof

For the weekly photo challenge of this week the theme is on top. I love to take photos upwards, I love roofs, rooftops and chimneys. I think it is really beautiful to see the contrast between a rooftop and the blue sky. I have a lot of photos of that and of course “on top” could be interpreted in many ways but this week I will make it “simple” for myself… The reason is I love this kind of photos and that I have some great ones to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

As you can see I have chosen a mix of photos, the first two are taken in Bonnieux, Provence, where I stand on top of a hill, shooting my photos downwards, here is a lot of beautiful roofs. The red wooden houses are situated in a small town on the east coast of Sweden; Trosa, that I visited lately. The last photos are taken in London. If you point at the photos with your cursor, there will be a description for each photos to read.

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