Happy may to all of you

As you might have noticed, it’s not much posts here at the moment. Right now I work with the last tasks in my education and I will be finished by June, 2.

Working an studying at the same time takes a lot of time… I don’t even get out much, so I’m not taking much photos.

I hope to see you this summer and continued. There will be more photos here and I will get time to stay outdoors!

Until then I wish you a wonderful May <3


74/365: 99 första (first)

74/365 första. Detta måste vara väldigt tidigt. De första körsbärsblommorna för mig i år. Dessa hittade jag på vår tur till Stockholm i helgen.

Theme 74 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for a “first”. I think this is early… The first cherry blossom I have seen this year, those in Stockholm.

Weekly photo challenge; Monument

This post represents my entry in -Weekly photo challenge, this weeks theme is Monument. If you would like to participate or just read more, please click on the link for more info of this challenge.

Stockholm Monument

On a visit to Stockholm last weekend I had this challenge in mind. I took a long walk through town and some wonderful sights. I think there are different kinds of monuments, this will show in my entry, there are some difference between my objects.

Thirst I took photos of the City Hall “Tre kronor”. I also captured some cherry blossoms (I love those) in the Kungsträdgården, that also is a monument but just this time of the year. My third photo pictures a boat that actually is a hostel, a famous one in Sweden; “Af Chapman”, an impressive old sailboat. The last photo shows the fun fair in Stockholm called “Gröna Lund”. I took the photo from a small peninsula across the water called “Kastellholmen”. Wonderful view of “Djurgården” and the sea.