Follow the snowy footsteps

Cold footsteps

While walking I spotted this bridge with all the footsteps in the snow. I can see why you wish to go out there… To enter the bridge and walk towards the sunlight, seems tempting. Another thing is the feeling it brings me, the feeling of being in the middle of the sea, out there surrounded by, now, ice:) The sea is frozen but still beautiful.

Can you imagine being out there, surrounded by ice, snow and light. The ice is reflecting the light and it all glows, that is a magic feeling, i guess…

Did I go out there? Might have done that:D


25 av 365: 268 småbåtshamn (marina)

25/365, småbåtshamn. Hit leder mina spår mig, till nästa stopp på promenaden. Under vintern är här  en lite sorglig stämning men också rofylld. Alla båtar är borta och småbåtshamnen vilar i sitt ide till sommaren återkommer med massor av människor som är fyllda av glädje över att vara på semester. Det är vackert på vintern men jag längtar allt lite till sommaren…

Theme 25 of 365 in my photo challenge. It is time for a “marina”, next stop on the walk, this is where my tracks “took me”.  In winter it’s filled with an almost sad atmosphere but also peaceful. All boats are gone and the marina is resting in hibernate until summer is back with a lot of people filled with joy and happiness, celebrating their vacations. It is beautiful during winter, but I long for summer…