Stockholm cherry trees in blossom

Yesterday when I visited Stockholm I found out that the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården just started to blossom. This is an annual “event” for people in Stockholm and from outside town. Some weeks not far from now the trees will be all covered in pink, it is a magnificent view. I will return to see if I am able to capture that as well.

The trees are supposed to blossom in the end of April or early May, so this is  quite a finding:) All trees is not yet in full bloom, but there was plenty of flowers already.

It was not only Stockholm cherry trees in blossom I captured I also captured street life (here) and som sea life (here). You can find my posts by clicking the links.

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10 thoughts on “Stockholm cherry trees in blossom”

  1. Lovely displays Linda, early days, but the imagination can fill those boughs with pink blossom…. xPenx

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) soon it will be crowded with pink, lovely!

  2. I think I would like to visit Stockholm anytime. I believe it to be a place I would adore.

    1. Linda

      It sure is a great city:) Definitely worth a visit!

  3. Otroligt vackert! 🙂 Fint fotat!

    1. Linda

      Tack så mycket:)

  4. Åh underbart!! Redan!
    (Har inte sett körsbärsblom nånstans ännu :/)

    1. Linda

      Jag blev lite förvånad faktiskt… Men så underbart:)

  5. Amazing! My first thought was that you’d been to Japan…Not that Stockholm isn’t beautiful in spring, but usually when I see pix like that they’re from Japanese spring festivals. You certainly have an eye for photography!

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much, that really is a compliment. There are a lot of cherry trees in the middle if town, really cool:)

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