Steam boats in Stockholm water

This post contains another portion of photographs from Stockholm, this time it is not street life, but Stockholm water.

Steam boats in Stockholm water

There are plenty of old steam boats in Stockholm, some of them is under recovering and others are in traffic. Just a few of them are real steam boats, most of them have a diesel motor instead of the steam generator. Most of the boats today traffic different routes in the archipelago for example to “Fjäderholmarna” or Vaxholm”. Many tourists go with the boats in summertime, so does a lot of natives. There are boats heading to “Djurgården”, on that route there are a lot of people traveling all year.

Here you can see some photos from the dockside and also the Stockholm water front, I have focused on closing up on the boats. I love the old boats and all wonderful details.

I hope you found these boats as wonderful as I do, if you ever visit Stockholm these are definitely worth looking for.

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2 thoughts on “Steam boats in Stockholm water”

  1. Great pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to Stockholm. It looks like such a beautiful city from land and sea.

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) It really is a beautiful city!

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