Splashes of summer colors in a autumn day

Those last summer colors…

This post about “summer colors” were supposed to be written last weekend. But once again I have been struggling with some technical issues. This time I could not upload photos, wich is a very bad thing in a blog with photos, isn’t it?

Anyway, now it is solved, something about my rights, set by the web host. Enough about that for now.

Last saturday I went out to my garden for inspiration and also to make some cleaning up before winter is here. I found a lot of various colors, small splashes of summer colors in a very grey autumn day. Lovely and enjoyable:) I love my summer garden and will miss it when it’s gone. But on the other hand: winter and snow can be really lovely too.

Here are a selection of my last flowers for this season, I hope you will enjoy them. And I hope that you might sence how wonderful they look out there in all the grey and brown autumn days.

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4 thoughts on “Splashes of summer colors in a autumn day”

  1. Oh, I am so sad to see the summer go! Thanks for the reminder of the bright summer colors.–Patti

    1. Kerlund74

      It is sad, but there is nice to remember it through pictures during the winter:) Thank you for visiting!

  2. Gorgeous color to brighten the dreary autumn weather we’re having. I’m not complaining too much — we had a glorious summer and autumn. But it’s nice to see your photos and be reminded of the summertime colors!

    1. Kerlund74

      It has been an amazing time, and there still seems to be some warm days left, we have really nice weather again… Thank you for your comment:)

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