South of Sweden ocean view

In south (south-west) of Sweden there are no archipelago, in opposite to the east part of the country. The ocean view are awesome. I went to the south part of our country this week and I was fortune to visit the ocean, thought we where traveling in work. We had a walk beside the ocean and a wonderful beach. Fine and soft sand in beautiful warm color. I guess it is crowded here in the summer.

On my trip it was a very cloudy day, after a couple of days raining. But the beauty of the ocean view shows and walking almost alone at a beach is a wonderful experience. So close to the nature and not a lot of people everywhere, I recommend this as a recreation for anyone:) Just walk along the beach, listening to the water and to all birds screaming in the sky.

It is rather unusual that it is this calm by the ocean, the water was almost still. Wonderful experience to see it this way and to walk without struggling against the wind.

Here are some of my photos from the walk, enjoy!

Our walk begins on rocky paths
Wonderful reflections from the sky
A place to watch the ocean view
The beach are not to crowded…
So lonely standing up against all weather
Saying god buy with a last look back


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