Some more shadows


I love shadows. They tell you some things, others are for you to interpret for yourself. I have mentioned here before that I do like abstract art and photos. I like to have some freedom in my interpretion of e picture. But still I like photos and art whit lots of detail and so on, ofcourse, even that shows in my blog:)

In todays world everyone expose themselves, their loved ones in many ways, all of the time and in a lot of different medias. Photos of people are very common, so I think that shadows is a refined variation on that theme;)

The first photos is taken on a bridge in an early summer morning, second is from last winter.



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8 thoughts on “Some more shadows”

  1. sirpamononen

    i love the last one (tracks in snow)!

  2. I am like you, I like the abstract. On Saturday’s post, you will see the ordinary photographed where it is nothing but art. Many viewers do not like when something is not what they expect, sadly. I like shadows and they are very important in architecture design, also in landscape design.

    1. Linda

      Oh, I will look at your post tomorrow to se that:) And yes shadows do a lot to every picture, without then there is no life or contrast.

  3. There are a lot of possibilities with shadows. I like that first one especially.

    1. Linda

      Yes it is:) Thx for visiting and kind comment:)

  4. Love the first one – so soft and kind of faraway – dreamlike.

    1. Linda

      Thx, yes they just stans there, looking at the water…

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