Simple things in life


“Keep it simple“, ever heard that before? And I agree, sometimes, or often… we do thing’s that sort of grows out of our control. Taking a photo becomes a project with planning, set up and so on. But I do believe that it is more of just shooting pictures for the joy of doing it. When everthing gets serious it becomes harder to be good, that is my experience. Creativity is hard to “order”. This year I have signed up in a photochallenge where I am supposed to shoot 365 themes. And I am on my way to succed. But during the year I have noticed that when I makes plans and really go out for this or that theme, it often kills the joy. The photo in this post is an example of the opposite. The theme is “knot” and I just took the picture.

So remember to have fun, keep it simple, it gives the best results is my believe.

My 365 photo challenge can be seen here:

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10 thoughts on “Simple things in life”

  1. sirpamononen

    i first read the text i the e-mail i got from you and was quite surprised to see this tied bow. but a knot is a knot and this one is so refined. sirpa

    1. Linda

      Yes, I am not sure about the translation here but I think this is correct:) Thx for your kind comment!

    1. Linda

      Thank you a lot:)

  2. Have fun and keep it simple is great advice, Annie

  3. Gallivanta

    Simple is good.

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