Aspects of water

Water is fantastic. It can be so calming and give us piece in our minds. It´s a great way to perform meditation, just looking out over the sea. Reflections help us see the object from a bit different perspective. Like in this picture:
Reflections by Mwap38
Water also can be full of action and life, it can be dangerous, here is a waterfall in an area of old factories in Norrköping, Sweden:
Another great place with a lot of water is ofcourse; Venice. I went there this summer:
And so finally a last aspect for this time; a calm day in early spring in the archipelago of Sweden:
Frozen sea

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14 thoughts on “Aspects of water”

  1. Beautiful reflection and fantastic shots!

  2. Linda

    Thank you a lot:) Quit fun to shot pictures of water!

  3. Very nice photos! Beautiful place! I really like the color and the water!

    1. Linda

      I am glad you like them:)

  4. Oh! My!!! These are just wonderful! I love the water! any water makes my heart sing – how I love the water of the shore and Venice! WOW! Your reflection photo is just wonderful!!! I Love your blog!!!

    1. Linda

      Oh:-) Thank you a lot! I am so glad you like them:)

  5. Simple Pursuit

    Your photos are beautiful. I love water photography 🙂

    1. Linda

      Thank you:) Water are great to take photos of, I live near the sea and spend some time there.

  6. Such beautiful photos. Liked first and second one a lot.

  7. nice reflection in the first one.

  8. Nice compilation of water shots…

    1. Linda

      Thank you a lot:-)

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