Rainy days in may, what is this?

Rainy days…

It feels strange to have rainy days in May. It’s like autumn but much greener. Strange feeling and we all hope for better weather!

Today I had a long walk, not all in rain, it was holding up when I left. I was equipped with a plastic bag for my camera, a winter coat, gloves, not really an outfit in May. Maybe you know the feel in; you have been inside all day, at work, the rain has poured down all they and when you arrive home it has stopped! You just have to get out for some air and some walking. The air after rain is fresh and this time a year a grey day also contains some green colors. The hope for better days live.

Such difference from the sunny days and all wonderful flower shots. But I kind of like the contrast it’s rather cool.Tweet this

What about my photos then? I managed to take some photos before it started to rain. I headed for the waterfront in our town. Not so much green colors here but some. And some amazing clouds… I love dramatic skies, and that is not always in the meaning colorful, also cool clouds and light attracts my camera.

Well that was a fun walk, some photos are not town in the paper basket, I actually kept some of them. But that’s it for now, enough of rainy days, now we would like the sun to come back and warm us. The temperature outside is below 10 °C and that sure is not what I call springtime;)

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6 thoughts on “Rainy days in may, what is this?”

  1. Bill

    Such a beautiful area you live in…thank you for the lovely inspiration on this writing day.

    1. Linda

      You are so welcome:) Rainy days usually are great days to stay inside and get things done…

  2. Brrr – det har varit kallt! Fina bilder.

    1. Linda

      Tack! Ja nu är det ruggigt…

  3. it’s been raining here too all week now… sigh…
    the last photo is very beautiful!!

    1. Kerlund74

      Boring weather indeed… Now it is much better here. Thank you for kind comment!

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