Rainy days are here again

We have had a lot of rainy days lately. But yesterday was all sunny:-) I thought like “great tomorrow morning I get upp early and then I go out to shoot some photos of the sunrise”. Ha, all went well until the light came, after a night of clear and cold weather, suddenly the sky was all cloudy and some drops fell down. I had been up early so well I went out anyway and took some photos.


Ok, still a great morning, but not really the same. Wonder how it feels to stand like this “stone man” in all weathers, looking out on the sea? I think B&W suits the weather and his situation…


And one last shot, I love the lamps reflecting in the water, makes nice patterns when I use long exposure.



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2 thoughts on “Rainy days are here again”

  1. Rainy days, windy days , we’re experiencing much the same here in Middle England. I love the Stone man, he made me smile then laugh out loud. Many thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comment. Have a wonder-filled photo capturing Christmas and New Year. xPenx

    1. Linda

      Really nice to here that my Stone man have makes an impression:-) Thx for visit and comments:) Have some really great Holidays! Linda

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