Part two, sunny day in the archipelago

Yesterday, that I wrote about in the last post, will be a day to live on for some time. Today the rain is falling again and I feel more then satisfied that I took the chance to go out to the sea yesterday. It was a really calm day, the waves where small.



Really a nice day for an escape:-) It was a surprise to me to see all the swans. In summertime here is a lot of people sunbathing and swimming, so of course the swans choose an other location. Bur yesterday it was a lot of them.


In the archipelago, close to the nature, and the sea, I can feel the greatness of nature. It is breathtaking to stand there, watching out over the water. It seams endless…



At last, it is fascinating to look around and find this in the end of December, when it is supposed to be a lot of snow.




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6 thoughts on “Part two, sunny day in the archipelago”

  1. Wonderful.I have a preference for the first two photos.Everything is in the details.

    1. Linda

      Thank you, and yes truly it is in the details:-)

  2. It looks amazing and so calm. The sky has nearly the same colour like the sea.

    1. Linda

      Yes, fantastic views!

    1. Linda

      Yes really nice:-)

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