November morning from inside

I visited my sister in London a few weeks ago and I waas falling in love with the great colortones and small details in her windows. Soft brown tones and the water in my bottle so sharp in the morning light. like in many London apartments there was a lot of moist on the window, as seen in the second photo.

bild1 bild2

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12 thoughts on “November morning from inside”

  1. Nice perspective. Many do not think of looking from within to outside. That is a designer trick too, design from the inside/out. Seeing through windows to make a pleasant view.

    1. Linda

      Thanks:) I think there is a lot worth making pictures of, one just have to look:)

  2. I like window photos, very nice, Annie

    1. Linda

      Thank you Annie:)

  3. I really love the composition and the use of light in your photos…very well done.

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:)

  4. Such lovely shots and interesting subject!

    1. Linda

      Thanks again:) Nice with “simple things” sometimes.

  5. life is in small things 😉

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