Memories from wonderful Lido de Venice

During the next days I will go through  photos from our travel Lido de Venice in Italy. It is a wonderful memory now when we have winter and everything outside is cold and dark. Later on I will deal with some snowy photos, but first I will share a sweat memory.

View over Venice from Lido de Venice

The first picture of shows a fantastic sky, this is the view across the Laguna:-) On the other side you can see Venice in a wonderful evening light. Notice the great detailed clouds and enlarge the photo, it gets more to its right then…


I can definitely recommend you to visit Lido, it is a great alternative to Venice. It is cheaper and less crowded. In summertime Venice is very hot and it don’t smell to good from the water…


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16 thoughts on “Memories from wonderful Lido de Venice”

  1. Lovely sky and I like the seagull too, Annie

    1. Linda

      Thx, it was such a fantastic sky:)

  2. Linda

    Yes:) thx for commenting:)

  3. I like this – and the enlarged version is superb!

    1. Linda

      Thank you so much:-)

  4. Thank You for admiring my artwork & Following my blog. Visit anytime !!! 🙂 *Cynthia

    1. Linda

      Thank you too:-) You do some great work!

  5. Exquisite and unforgettable.

    1. Linda

      Yes it really was:)

      1. Jag älskar havet och vatten

      2. Jag älskar havet och vatten

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