Living color and a lot of grey

Living color

This evening I got my eyes on our wonderful and soft colored grey table, floor and chairs. The contrast to all the flowers surrounding us was really cool. I like abstract photos and art, I had to play around a bit and took some photos. I can’t say that they are abstract but almost and I think the contrast between living color and all the grey furniture gave some great shots.

This post will show some of the photos (I took a whole bunch…) from tonight. All of them taken on and around our dinner table. You don’t always have to travel far to find interesting views;) It’s all about to look for them!

To enlarge the photos please click on one of them to watch them in a carousel. I hope you will enjoy, I had a lot of fun shooting these photos:)

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2 thoughts on “Living color and a lot of grey”

  1. You are right – the grey background makes for good photos. I particularly like the first one of the Dahlia and the green tomatoes against the grey wood. 🙂

    1. Kerlund74

      Great to hear, I like the dahlia as well:) Some spot of color are a fun way to “lift” a grey place;)

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